Thursday, October 29, 2015

What Went Right – and Wrong – With the Republican Presidential Debates

Once again, I didn't watch yesterday's Republican presidential debates, just like I didn't watch the one before that or the Democratic debates either. But for once, I wish I had. Because last night's performance seemed like quite the spectacle.

I'm not even talking about the media’s favorite villain, Donald Trump. I'm talking about all the candidates telling CNBC how it is.

This linked video collage is priceless, with Republicans flat-out refusing to answer groundless and unprofessional questions, demanding to know if the moderators even want to know their responses, and overall throwing CNBC’s attitude right back in its smug, lying face. To the cheers of the audience, might I add.

THAT is what Republican voters want to see: spines and a willingness to cry foul when a foul has obviously been made.

So in other words, NOT the GOP establishment.

According to the hypocritical CNN, which stopped just short of calling out CNBC for its obvious bias, “In the final minutes [of the debate]… angry representatives from the campaigns began confronting Republican National Committee officials to voice complaints about the tone and substance of the debate.

“When the faceoff was over, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus blasted CNBC for asking ‘gotcha’ questions and said the network ‘should be ashamed.’

“‘I was very disappointed in the moderators. I’m disappointed in CNBC,’ he told reporters in the spin room in Boulder, Colorado. ‘I thought they would bring forward a pretty fair forum here tonight. But I think it was one gotcha question, one personal low blow after another.’”

He’s “disappointed in the moderators? He “thought they would bring forward a pretty fair forum here tonight?”

What alternate universe is he living on!!!

The GOP establishment is pathetic, rolling over at the first sign that it’s not pleasing the mainstream media, which – newsflash – has an undeniable liberal bias and agenda.

Everybody knows that! Yet prominent Republicans for too long have refused to say it out loud… for fear of making the media hate them… when it already hates them.

That's stupid. That's why it can't win anything worthwhile. And that's why last night's Republican presidential debate was so right-on.

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