Monday, November 30, 2015

Comparing Right-Wing Christians to Muslim Extremists

Sometimes political commentaries are so ridiculous that they’re really only offensive to the people who endorse them.

That might be particularly true about the political memes that fly around Facebook.

For example, I recently saw one comparing right-wing Christians to Muslim extremists. It listed six or eight characteristics that the two groups share or supposedly share, including being against homosexuality and abortion.

A category it didn’t list was the propensity to murder people who disagree with them.

Why didn’t it list it?

Because it can’t.

Aside from the Inquisition, the debatable Crusades and the random nutcase who goes shooting up abortion clinics, Christians don’t normally kill random people. Our religion was founded on a message of peace that was soon marked by persecution… i.e. other people killing us.

Have we behaved badly since then? Yeah, sometimes we do. In fact, sometimes we behave horribly. But since we’re comparing… compare their body count to the rest of the world with its Stalins, Hitlers and Kim Jong-whatevers.

When you do, you’ll find that we’re looking pretty good.

Need further proof of how disgustingly non-right-wing Christians can act? Consider the Hutus massacring the Tutsis in Rwanda, the Turks’ horrific vendetta against the Armenians, the Cambodian crisis in the 1970s, and the depravity that was (and still might be) China for decades.

None of those acts were done in Jesus Christ’s name.

Then there’s Islam, which, like communism, has a pretty revolting track record. Muslims’ religion got its start when a slighted Mohammed declared war on his former people for rejecting him as a prophet.

That seemed to set a precedent, since Muslims have done a whole lot of brutal conquering since then, from the land grabs that predated the Crusades to today’s mounting number of modern terrorist attacks.

So to compare Christians to Muslims is like comparing Wegmans to 7-Eleven. Yes, they’re both retailers that carry food and Advil. But Wegmans has a lot more to offer.

And it doesn’t cost nearly as much.

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