Thursday, November 19, 2015

Western World Governments Welcome in ISIS

ISIS is out of control.

It’s officially threatened New York City now with a newly released video showing terrorists with guns and suicide belts amidst clips of Times Square and yellow taxis.

There’s also extreme concern being raised over four men involved in “suspicious activity” near the Pentagon. And eight Syrians were caught trying to illegally cross the Texas border.

That’s shocking. That they were caught, I mean. They must have been exceptionally incompetent in order to run right into border security who actually care about their stated jobs instead of President Obama’s destructive demands to look the other way.

Make no mistake: The fact that ISIS is out of control is Western world governments’ fault.

Forget all of those idiot liberal arguments about how badly we’ve treated the Middle East and Africa and every other non-white locale on the planet. Even if that was true – even if humans of all colors, creeds and nations didn’t have a miserable history of treating humans of all colors, creeds and nations badly – there would still be no excuse to retaliate the way ISIS is.

What I mean when I say that Western world governments are to blame for ISIS atrocities outside of Muslim strongholds is this: We’re doing nothing to stop it. Instead, we’re welcoming it into our societies under the guise of compassion and tolerance.

Europe has a much longer track record of doing this, hence the reason why Paris was such an easy target. The people who died in last week’s attacks shouldn’t be lying six-feet under. They should still be living their lives, untouched by such brutality as terrorist attacks.

They would be too if not for long-standing French immigration policy. Take it from National Review, which reported back in January after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack (yup, that was this year):

“The case of France is stark. Roughly 12 percent of its population is foreign-born, about the European average, according to the Migration Policy Institute. But it also has a particularly high percentage of descendants of immigrants. Because of France’s colonial history in Algeria and other countries in the Maghreb, many of them are Muslim.

“It has the largest Muslim population of any Western European country, both in absolute numbers and in percentage terms. These immigrants have tended to cluster in the suburbs of Paris, where they have become self-reinforcing religio-ethnic islands in the broader French sea.

“Some of the Paris suburbs are infamously known as “no go” zones, where there is essentially no official footprint. These areas are not just alienated from the French state; they are actively hostile to it.”

Want to doubt that? Consider this: Only about 30 French Muslims made a visible stand to protest this latest round of terrorism on French soil, as recorded by The Gateway Pundit.

How did this dangerous disconnect happen? Through past and continuing inexcusable levels of government incompetence. If our leaders would do their elected jobs to protect us instead of use our tax money for the most pointless projects ever, ISIS and other terrorists wouldn’t find their missions nearly so easy.

I’m not saying Western countries should close their borders altogether. I’m saying we should start paying a heck of a lot more attention to the larger world around us… and accept reality.

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