Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Coca-Cola Gets in Trouble for Its “White Savior” Christmas Ad

Coca-Cola has annoyed me for a while with its delusions of glory. The brand’s commercials are always so sanctimoniously stupid…

Drink a Coke and save the world!

Drink a Coke and spread good will to all!

Drink a Coke and fulfill your every longing in life!

They’re ridiculous on every single level, including from a health standpoint, since soda is anything but the best thing to put into your body.

Well, this holiday season, according to the liberal left, Coca-Cola finally went “too far” with its Kool-Aid-style propaganda. Which cracks me up, since the liberal left is what Coca-Cola is trying to impress with its hippie nonsense.

In what’s being called the “White Savior Ad,” the company pretended to care about Mexico’s indigenous people, of whom 81.6% feel like outsiders because they don’t speak Spanish. In order to supposedly make them feel better, a bunch of Coked-up white college students travel down to some indigenous-people-filled Mexican City to build them a giant monstrosity of a wooden and Coca-Cola-cap Christmas tree with a giant holiday sign in their own language.

This prompted me to ask…

How is putting an indigenous-language sign in an indigenous-people-filled village going to combat racism?

Why do those white college kids look like they’re high? Is this commercial promoting the original Coca-Cola?

How much original Coca-Cola does the company drink at its advertising meetings to think this will make me want to drink its product?

That’s what went through this conservative chick’s brain when she watched it. What went through liberal’s minds was more along the lines of whitewashed rage.

I guess that’s one way to have a white Christmas.

Under an onslaught of negative attention from angry white people who cover up their own racism by accusing others of it (and at least one indigenous Mexican lawyer), Coca-Cola apologized and pulled the ad.

For which I owe the angry, white liberal left a huge “thank you” for one less Coca-Cola commercial I have to watch.

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