Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Guns and the Background Scene I Saw Shooting House of Cards

They’re filming House of Cards at my office building this week. I haven’t watched the show in a while, since it got too offensive for me in Season 2, but I think I might have to watch the Season 3 finale just to see the first two floors of where I work featured on a Hollywood drama.

Then again, the last few days have been interesting enough on their own. I haven’t gotten so much as a glimpse of Robin Wright or Kevin Spacey, but I have seen dozens of crew members, including security personnel…

Who are armed. To the teeth.

Yesterday, I went for a walk with one of my coworkers, and when we came back, we were temporarily barred from entering the building because House of Cards was shooting a scene. That left Ali and I loitering in the basement foyer with seven big, burly guards.

Each had at least one sidearm on him, and there was an array of assault rifles lying close by like they were protecting the real president of the United States instead of a Hollywood fake.

At one point, the only non-armed individual in the room (other than Ali and I) leaned over to whisper at us, “There are a lot of guns in this room. Are you okay with that?”

My first reaction was to wave his concern away and verbally assure him I was fine, which I did. My second was an amused “Oh, sweetie, I’m good. I’m a Republican,” which I kept to myself.

If only he knew.

Truth is I’ve shot guns before. I’ve even fired a high-powered rifle like the ones laid out on the table. And I hit my target. On the first try. From a decent distance. I hit it the second time too.

Again, I’m a Republican. I have no fear of guns unless they’re in criminal hands (government or otherwise). But Hollywood isn’t Republican. Hollywood is about as far left Democrat as you can get. Hollywood is the epitome of closeminded liberal. And closeminded liberals hate guns.

So what in the world is Hollywood doing with so many of them?

Protecting itself, clearly. And being a giant hypocrite.

Like government, it wants the protection that firearms offer. For itself though. The rest of us don’t deserve Second-Amendment consideration.

We would if we were the president of the United States or played one on TV. But until we get a starring role on House of Cards, we’re apparently supposed to be afraid of guns… and give them over to the big boys.

The people who matter. Like Hollywood.

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