Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What My Liberal Friends Don’t Want to Consider About the Syrian Refugee Crisis

A liberal friend of mine and I recently got into a discussion about the Syrian refugee crisis.

Normally, whenever my liberal friends bring up topics I know we’re going to disagree on, I keep my mouth shut. But with the Paris terror attacks still fresh in my mind, I told her what I really thought. That the United States shouldn’t be so quick to accept outsiders when:

·         That’s what got France into trouble in the first place.
·         We have a whole heck of a lot of humongous problems to deal with here at home before we can even think about helping anyone else.

As I spoke, I watched an almost tangible gate slide shut over my liberal friend’s face.

She wasn’t hearing a word I spoke. She didn’t want to hear a word I spoke. In her mind, whether she recognizes it or not, I’m a conservative Christian and therefore my opinions aren’t valid.

Sound harsh? It is. But it’s also true. That same evening, she also told me she firmly believes “Christians are responsible for the majority of the world’s atrocities throughout history.”

Again, this is right after the Paris terror attacks. Which were perpetuated by Muslims. As usual.

She went on to send me an immigration expert’s perspective on the refugee acceptance program, which explained how many more women and children are accepted than grown men, and how long of a process it is from start to finish.

There’s some truth to that. The typical acceptance program policies are pretty exclusive.

But there are loopholes when you have a powerful person on your side. Like President Obama, who has been very vocal about bringing over 10,000 Syrian refugees next year.

As for 2015, CNS News reports, “Since the Paris terror attacks on November 13, the State Department has admitted 132 Syrian refugees into the United States, and all 132 are Sunni Muslims.

“No Christian, Druze, Shi’ite, Alawite, or member of any other religious minority in Syria has been admitted over that period, according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center.”

Moreover, 72 – so well over half – of them are male. 39 of them are males 14-50.

Sorry to sound like a bigot (which my liberal friends automatically take me to be), but that’s 39 potential or realized terrorists brought over in less than a month.

Sound harsh? It is. But it’s also true. If you don’t believe me, just ask France.

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