Friday, May 29, 2015

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Unwittingly Promotes “Politician’s Pawn”

I’m going to use the charges against Republican former House Speaker Dennis Hastert to shamelessly promote myself today.

Let’s start out with the facts…

According to the indictment, Hastert agreed to give a blackmailer $3.5 million “in order to compensate for and conceal his prior misconduct against” said person. He then allegedly went on to make carefully arranged withdrawals to avoid suspicion, and lied to the FBI when those precautions proved fruitless.

Now, admittedly, it’s also a fact that these are just charges, not a conviction. But considering that Dennis Hastert is a politician from Illinois, it’s safe to presume him guilty until proven innocent.

Actually, considering that Dennis Hastert is a politician period, it’s safe to presume him guilty until proven innocent.

I mean, this is a man who started out as a teacher and wrestling coach before being elected to the statehouse, then the U.S. House, and then Speaker of the House from 1999 to 2007. (That makes him a high-ranking politician during my early voting days… and I had no idea he existed until this moment. I’m a little ashamed to admit that.) And yet he somehow had $3.5 million to hand over to blackmailers?

I smell something shady there, if only insider trading while in office and then sucking further life-funds from the American people through his post-political career as a lobbyist… all of which fits perfectly with the theme of my political thriller, “The Politician’s Pawn”… that politicians don’t know or care what’s best for this country.

In some way, shape or form, most of them are in it for themselves.

“The Politician’s Pawn” opens with average American Kayla Jeateski sitting in her Baltimore County home when four masked men come charging into her life to kidnap her. They’re on the payroll of a corrupt U.S. senator who’s trying to swing a vote.

Problem is, he gave his men the wrong address, which means Kayla’s life has become entirely disposable in a political game not of her choosing.

Learn more about “The Politician’s Pawn” and the larger Dirty Politics trilogy at, or go to to read the first chapter.

I promise you won’t be bored. How could you be when it’s the cutthroat world of politics, filled with blackmailing, intrigue and elaborate schemes?

In this case, art definitely takes after reality.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

United States Marine Court-Martialed for Bible Verses

Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling of the United States Marines was successfully court-martialed for failing to go to her appointed place of duty, disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer, and four counts of disobeying the lawful order of a noncommissioned officer.

In plain English, her crime amounted to leaving a Bible verse up on her computer after a superior officer told her to take it down.

The punishment for this dastardly crime? A slashed rank down to private and a bad-conduct discharge. Which means she’s out of a job with a bad record in a lackluster economy.

On rendering that verdict, the military court in question declared that, because she was subjecting any visitors “coming to the desk for assistance… to biblical quotations in the military workplace,” that could easily have a “divisive impact to good order and discipline.”

Ummm… Huh?

The Bible is actually very much about good order and discipline. I mean, isn’t that one of people’s biggest complaints about it? That it’s too rigid and restricting?

I – and I’m sure Sterling – would argue those rules and regulations are more than worthwhile, since they’re issued out of love and concern for our wellbeing, much like a parent who tells his children not to play on train tracks or run with scissors.

But that aside, the Bible verse listed wasn’t even restrictive; it was empowering: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17).

Ghandi could have said that, for crying out loud! Or Budha. Or any other generic source of inspiration. How is it in any way shape or form offensive?

Now admittedly, I don’t know the exact situation. Maybe Sterling was intentionally and repeatedly disrespectful about the matter. Though according to her, her supervisor demanded she remove the Bible verses in question, cursed at her when she refused, and then threw them in the trash by the next day.

Oh yeah, and other Marines in the office were allowed to have their own workspace decorations with no backlash.

Though, I’m guessing, none of them were “biblical quotations” with “divisive impact to good order and discipline.”


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Sees Fresh Rounds of Pointless Violence in Baltimore

Forget flags and patriotic remembrance of those who served and sacrificed for our freedoms here in America. Baltimore City celebrated Memorial Day by shooting itself in the foot. And elsewhere.

May has now become the deadliest month this already dangerous city has had in over 15 years, with 28 shootings occurring over just the long weekend. Oh yeah, and one of the victims was a nine-year-old boy who was shot in the leg.

Since nine of the Memorial Day attacks were fatal, that brings Baltimore’s 2015 homicide tally up to 108.

It’s not even halfway through the year yet, and we’re already up to 108 murders. That’s brilliant, as is the city’s response to this epidemic. Which of course isn’t to blame the perpetrators or even the society that tells them this kind of behavior is excusable.

Nope, it’s to wonder whether everyone is still upset about what happened to Freddie Gray.

‘Cause, oh my gosh, that like totally has to be it. I mean, I know when I’m upset about supposedly innocent people being killed, I go around shooting other people with my illegally acquired handguns.

That’ll show ‘em!

(Barely) in Baltimore’s defense, that bewilderingly senseless mentality isn’t unique to Maryland metropolises. Chicago is proof of that, where 43 people were shot – one of them a four-year-old girl – with 12 of them succumbing to their injuries. Twelve gunshot fatalities in three days should make someone somewhere stop and think, right?

Except that thinking isn’t encouraged these days. Thinking hurts. It makes us feel bad to consider how pathetic we are.

It’s so much easier to buy into failed rhetoric and condescending propaganda that we’re not responsible for our own behavior. That if we can’t be bothered to behave decently, it’s because we’re oppressed by the cops or the economy or anything else other than our refusal to grow up and behave like civilized human beings.

Except that blaming everyone but ourselves hurts too. It hurts worse and it hurts longer.

If you don’t believe me, just ask that little nine-year-old boy in Baltimore how much it hurts. Or that little four-year-old girl in Chicago.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake Claims Ignorance on Rise in City Violence

Yesterday, actresses were on my “dumbest people on the planet” list. Today, it’s mayors. Specifically the mayor of Baltimore city, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The whole world knows about what happened on her watch back in April with the arrest and death of Freddie Gray, an idiot with too many priors for me to bother listing. He threw himself around the back of a police van and ended up severing his spine, causing his ultimate, untimely but otherwise unimportant demise.

I’m sorry, but I don’t shed tears when a career criminal gets himself killed. Like those biker morons out in Waco? Seems to me like the world is a better place without them anyway.

Clearly, some people disagree with me. They want this world swarming with such charming people as Freddie Gray. So much so that they’ll march for his “rights” and demand “justice” for his death at the expense of those paid to protect us. And they’ll cheer and party when the six police officers who saw him last are put on unpaid leave on pending murder charges.

Either they don’t know or don’t care that, when you give criminals priority over cops, you get a law enforcement community that isn’t willing to do its job.

Hence the reason why CBS Baltimore is now reporting “a dramatic increase in violence in Baltimore. Dozens of shooting and murders in the last few weeks following the riots last month.” There’ve been 96 homicides in the city so far this year, up almost a third from the first five months of 2014.

The fact that there were that many murders last year proves this city is a dangerous beat. Police officers could already lose their lives in the line of duty… And now they’re being told they could also lose their careers, their reputations and their freedom.

If I were in law enforcement, I know I’d find that to be a less-than motivational message.

Not so fast though, says Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “People have said it’s because morale is down, or it’s because the officers were charged. We don’t know that.”

And she’s right there. We don’t know that.

We also don’t know the sun will rise tomorrow. Or that two plus two equals four. Or that the kind of liberalism running rampant in Baltimore doesn’t work.

But by unplugging our heads from the sand, we can look at the right-in-our-face facts and come to a logical conclusion nonetheless. That’s what a good leader and intelligent populace would do.

Shame Baltimore doesn’t have much in the way of either.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

“Game of Thrones” Portrays Fantastical Past and Disturbing Present

Welcome to Feminism ‘15, where women “kinda love” when they’re raped.

Or at least Hollywood actresses say as much when the characters they play are brutally assaulted, doubtlessly in horrifying detail since we’re talking about “Game of Thrones” here.

What else, right? I'll let Yahoo explain it:

“Fans had to know something was coming as Sansa Stark married the absolutely insane Ramsay Bolton on Sunday’s ‘Game of Thrones.’

“After the wedding, Bolton not only forced himself on Stark, but attacked her and had his new pet, Theon, aka Reek, who grew up with Sansa, watch the entire time.”

Lovely. Just what “Game of Thrones” needed, more sexual violence against women. Is there any woman on that show that doesn’t get raped? It’s a genuine question (that I can’t answer since I don’t watch the thing, just read the recaps for some stupid reason). Can it get any worse?

Stupid question, because of course it can, and not even in the messed-up, make-believe world the show is set in. Here’s how…

When Entertainment Weekly asked actress Sophie Turner about her character’s brutal episode, she admitted “I kinda loved it. I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching. It was all so messed up. It’s also so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making [producer Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!’ But I secretly loved it.”

She “secretly loved it,” with “it” being having her clothes torn off for cast and crew and audience members everywhere to see so that she can be depicted as utterly helpless and degraded.

Please someone, tell me what I’m missing here…? Because I don’t understand how that’s not mortifying or, at best, really, really awkward.

Then again, I guess I’m one of those conservatives who believes that women do have their limits (as do men). I think there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed for both genders, and that women gain and maintain respect most when they keep their clothes on in public rather than stripping for the camera so often that it’s old news.

I’m old-fashioned like that, I guess. Which makes it difficult for me to see how in the world feminism is going in a positive direction when women say they like being abused, even if only in fiction.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Are Baltimore Pedestrians Begging to Be Run Over?

I nearly ran a pedestrian over this morning on my commute into Baltimore city this morning. And it would have served her right if I had.

I was coming around a curve in the furthest right-hand lane of three, when I noticed this woman standing out in the middle of it, about two feet away from the sidewalk, staring down at her smartphone.

Startled and concerned with hitting her, I came to a dead halt. But even then, with a vehicle of potential death just a few yards away from her, it still took her a few seconds to look up. And when she did, she gave me one of the most blank-faced stares I have ever seen.

After that pause, she backed up three steps so that she was now a foot and a half out into the road instead of two full feet, thereby still blocking my right of way.

Then she went right back to her phone.

With that kind of disregard for reality, I have to wonder how this woman is still alive. I mean, seriously. She should be a chalk outline on the pavement, right alongside so many other idiot Baltimore city pedestrians I’ve almost run over because they thought they owned the road.

Now, my sister up in central Pennsylvania says I’m being too hard on Baltimore, since she sees pedestrians behaving badly all the time. So apparently it’s a regional issue, if not a national one. Which means this little Pittsburgh Steelers fan can’t blame it on the Baltimore Ravens like she wants to.


Actually, double drat, since this means a much larger area is infected with the delusion of invincibility, which is a sign of extreme arrogance. Which goes hand in hand with a whole slew of other problems.

Problems like running from the police and then doing yourself bodily harm in order to get them back when they catch you… or throwing rocks at cops because they’re trying to keep the peace… or prosecuting innocent men and women to save face and assuage a mob.

Freddie Gray learned his lesson the hard way. Let’s just hope these idiot pedestrians smarten up before they’re dead too, run over by some poor driver just trying to make her way to work.

Friday, May 15, 2015

President Obama and Vice President Biden Speak Out About Amtrak Train 188 Crash

On Wednesday, President Obama said the derailed Amtrak Train 188 was “a tragedy that touches us all,” and Vice President Biden said that “Amtrak is like a second family to me” since he used to commute so much between Delaware and D.C.

I say they’re both full of it.

Don’t get me wrong… The wreck WAS a tragedy. But it was one that touches the passengers, their family and friends, and the commuters who will now be affected by the damage.

I, however, am not affected beyond feelings of sympathy for those hurt in the crash. Neither are most Californians, or Floridians or Oklahomans.

Not trying to sound callous here, but it’s true. Most Americans’ days have gone on same as usual since the train wreck. Anyone unrelated to the matter who argues otherwise is being insincere and selfish, trying to draw focus on their own compassion instead of the victims’ suffering.

Which is pretty much Obama established MO. And Biden’s

The Vice President opining about Amtrak being “like a second family” is equally absurd and self-serving. Did he spend holidays with Amtrak employees? Did he bring them presents for their birthdays and Christmas? Maybe asked them about their deepest dreams and desires in life?

Yeah, didn’t think so. Which means they’re not his family, second or otherwise.

Otherwise, I should be saying that grocery store Giant is like a second family to me because I shop there multiple times per month, sometimes per week.

Look, I know Obama has to say something about what happened. But he could have gone with the oldie but goodie, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.” Or “I was deeply saddened to hear about the Amtrak Train 188 crash. I can’t imagine what the passengers and their loved ones are going through, but I am going to make sure the matter is handled as appropriately as possible.”

And there are half a dozen other, appropriate, responses I could come up with in mere minutes.

The truth is that 9/11: THAT affected us all. And you could make a big argument for the Boston Marathon bombing too. But what comes down to a traffic accident, tragic though it is?

The president and vice president should stop flattering themselves with sweet little nothings whispered into the American people’s ears when we all know – or should know – that they went back to their vacations and golf outings and six-course meals just as soon as they left the press room. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hawaii Shutting Down Obamacare Due to Embarrassingly Low Enrollment Levels

How successful is Obamacare?

Not very, at least in Hawaii, where the state’s exchange website will be shutting down soon. That’s because not nearly enough people want or need it to justify its very expensive existence.

Here’s Americans for Tax Reform’s opening blurb about the embarrassing situation:

“Despite over $205 million in federal taxpayer funding, Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange website will soon shut down. Since its implementation, the exchange has somehow failed to become financially viable because of lower than expected Obamacare enrollment figures. With the state legislature rejecting a $28 million bailout, the website will now be unable to operate past this year.”

Here’s a few other takeaways from the article…

·         Altogether, the federal Department of Health and Human Services spent $4.5 billion providing so-called aid to individual states in their efforts to set up Obamacare.
·         There was virtually no oversight in the process, meaning funds went where funds went, probably to line undeserving people’s pockets.
·         Hawaii isn’t the first state to admit failure here. Oregon already had to shut down its Obamacare efforts and turn it over to national organizers due to abysmal enrollment levels.
·         Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, New Mexico and Nevada have struggled similarly.

So how successful is Obamacare? Well, that depends on your definition of success…

If you’re talking about wasting even more of tax-payer’s money and cutting into our already diminished freedoms, then congratulations are in order!

If, however, you mean saving Americans from the ravages of expensive healthcare costs…? Not so much.

I suppose it’s a good thing then that was never the point.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yahoo Writer Jealous of Game of Thrones’ Death by Fire and Hungry Dragons

Forget politics this morning. Writers are morons.

I say this, not in anger, but with a roll of my eyes and a smirk on my face. Because it’s true. Writers are some of the dumbest people on the planet.

Last night, I was reading Price Peterson’s “‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Double Dragon Street Justice” on Yahoo. I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones, but for some reason I like checking out the recaps, hence the reason why I got to see the following two opening paragraphs:

“Morbid but appropriate question: How do you want to die? Your first choice is probably something along the lines of, ‘In my sleep, of old age, surrounded by four hundred smiling grandchildren,’ but come on. What’s fun about that? Literally billions of people have passed away under those circumstances! We should all hope and pray for an interesting death that’ll keep people talking long after the memories of our actual accomplishments have faded. ‘I’ll never forget Bill Wilson and how he crashed his catamaran into a garbage island.’ Or ‘Not a day goes by I don’t think of Linda Schwartzman getting attacked by those coyotes in the Macy’s parking lot.’ These are the ways we should hope people talk about us when we’re dead. So when you see an overly ridiculous or violent death on TV, don’t be shocked. Be jealous.

“This week’s episode of Game of Thrones featured one of its most ludicrous and amazing kills in its entire run. Yes, I’m talking about the guy who was both set on fire and then torn apart by dragons. We all cringed and perhaps even clapped when it happened but part of me was like, ‘Damn. That’s how I want to go.’ You know? It’s the main reason I hope cloning becomes a real thing someday… It would make the possibility of me getting eaten by a dinosaur that much more real. Fingers-crossed!”

Now, I’m sure that part of Mr. Peterson is joking. But as a writer myself with an automatic insight into the writer’s brain, I’m equally sure that part of him is not. Which makes him insane. Because only insane people see something desirable in being ripped apart by giant lizards.

I could blame all of this on society and Hollywood and the romanticization of violence and unreality, but here’s the thing: Writers have always been morons. This is nothing new.

Back in college in 2004, I remember an English-major friend of mine saying with a straight face and solemn air that she would rather live a miserable life and be remembered for it than a happy life and fade away into obscurity after death.

That’s not normal. Except for writers. Who are deranged to begin with, and then spend their time studying other deranged writers who preached the benefits of dying young and pretty.

So yes, writers are morons. But on the plus-side, if there are ever hungry, fire-breathing dragons around storming our streets, we know who to push in the way while we scramble for safety.

Hey, they (Note: not this little writer; Price Peterson and his kind) asked for it! Literally.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Michelle Obama Talks About White Racism After Black Teens Brutalize White Man

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at Tuskegee University in Alabama on Saturday. And I’m not going to make you guess what her topic was, because it should be obvious by now: race.

It’s always about race, specifically white people being horrible to black people. Which is getting to be a ridiculously pointless topic when black people are being just as horrible to white people.

For example, a white, 61-year-old, Baltimore County man was brutally beaten by a group of black teenagers after he found two of the girls fighting on his car and told them to clear off.

CBS Baltimore reports that “he suffered broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs and a brain bleed.”

Yet Michelle Obama and her ilk – both black and white – don’t care about that story because it doesn’t fit into the PC narrative, where white people are all inherently racist and therefore owe the abused black race everything. Which means we’re supposed to ignore what happened to that poor white man and instead focus on all the mean things people have said about Michelle.

Here’s some of what she said at Tuskegee:

“… over the years, folks have used plenty of interesting words to describe me. One said I exhibited ‘a little bit of uppity-ism.’ Another noted that I was one of my husband’s ‘cronies of color.’ Cable news once charmingly referred to me as ‘Obama’s Baby Mama.’… As potentially the first African-American First Lady, I was also the focus of another set of questions and speculations; conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others. Was I too loud, or too angry, or too emasculating?”

Oh. My. Word. Where do I even start?

How about with the “little bit of uppity-ism” remark. Whoever said that might very well have been racist, in which case they were doubly stupid. Because Michelle Obama isn’t just “a little bit” uppity. She’s one of the most arrogant, self-focused and demanding people who ever walked the face of the earth.

Which means she is “too loud,” “too angry” and “too emasculating.” She’s also racist and un-American. Guess what? So is Hillary Clinton. (And both of their husbands). So those accusations weren’t about race. They were about her personal abysmally deficient character.

Even if that wasn’t true, what about Sarah Palin? Liberals tried to eviscerate her for her accent, her values, her down-syndrome baby, the fact that she’s female… Was that all okay because she was white and white people, unlike blacks, naturally suffer from negative personality traits?

I’m not trying to say that white people can’t be racist. Because they can. All I’m saying is we as a multi-racial society should start focusing on bettering ourselves in general instead of picking and choosing who and what is acceptable to care about.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pamela Gellar Defends Her “Draw Muhammad” Art Exhibit in the Name of Free Speech

Pamela Geller thinks she’s a champion of free speech and I’m a coward for saying otherwise.

Who is Pamela Gellar? She’s president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a blogger at, and the brains – or lack thereof – behind the “Draw Muhammad” free speech art exhibit down in Texas that was attacked by Islamic extremists on Sunday.

After the attack, which left the two incompetent gunmen dead and nobody else, she got a lot of criticism for the event. But Gellar isn’t backing down. Far from it.

This is the problem with the conservatives. This is why we can never nominate qualified, brave, true conservative candidates. The conservative movement has trimmed to accommodate the leftist media so much that they’ve trimmed themselves out of principle. They attack me because they’re desperately afraid that the leftist media will smear them by association with me. It is an act of sheer cowardice.

Maybe that’s true in some cases. I can’t speak for everyone out there. But I’m not afraid of the leftist media (admittedly in part because I don’t have much to lose).

My reason for disagreeing with Gellar is because her show of free speech was pointlessly offensive. Yes, the Muslim religion forbids the drawing of the Prophet Muhammad. And yes, the American Constitution overrides that ban, giving residents the right to draw whatever they want to draw. But having the right doesn’t make it right.

Look at it this way…

Do you honestly think Gellar’s intentional and callous mockery of an entire religion made America any safer or the fight against terrorism any easier? Or is it just that she ticked a bunch of sociopaths off for nothing more than the momentary satisfaction of flipping them off?

If her efforts in defending free speech involved shooting terrorists, I’d say fire away! No matter what “the leftist media” had to say. The same goes for writers and speakers who call out the larger peace-keeping Muslim community for not condemning those extremists in their midst.

But spitting on 1.6 billion people – most of whom have never done you any harm – just to watch a blob of phlegm slide down their cheeks is plain immature.

So sorry, Gellar, I can’t support that kind of “free speech.” I don’t think anyone should.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It Was Never a Dress, or It Was Never an Issue?

There’s this stupid mini movement called “It Was Never a Dress” comprised of about three liberals in California.

Okay. That kind of snarky comment was uncalled for. And a lie. There’s more like four people who care. But they are all out in California.

Part of a larger 12-person movement challenging gender stereotypes in pop culture, “It Was Never a Dress” takes particular issue with the stick figures on women’s bathrooms, which appear to show dresses.

Or do they?

Cue the dramatic, inspirational piece-of-trash soundtrack. Because maybe, “it was never a dress,” and we’re just too blinded by ingrained sexism to see that those stick figures are actually wearing… Wait for it… capes!

Such an inspiration to stick figure women everywhere, right? I’m sure this is going to tell all those mean-spirited men around the world that they’d better recognize. It’ll make a major difference. Right up there with last night’s display of feminine daring at the Met Gala:

·         Kim Kardashian wearing a dress that’s at least supposed to give the allusion of being mostly see-through, if it isn’t actually mostly see-through
·         Beyonce’s DEFINITELY see-through “dress” that features strategically-placed rhinestones to cover the bare minimum (Honestly, she looks like a hooker troll with that idiot ponytail up high on her head)
·         Jennifer Lopez, who showed off almost as much body in one of the tackiest side-less monstrosities I have ever seen in my life.

Or how about Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s new hit-to-be “Pretty Girls,” which contains the inspirational lyrics:

            All around the world
            Pretty girls
            Wipe the floor with all the boys
            Pour the drinks, bring the noise
            We’re just so pretty!

            All around the world
            Pretty girls
            Jump the line to the front
            Do what we like, get what we want
            We’re just so pretty

Judging by all that ridiculously bratty behavior, I don’t think capes are all that necessary for most women these days. Instead, aging mothers like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez clearly need money for real wardrobes, while little tarts like Britney Spears and Iggy just need a good spanking like the little brats they sound like.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ben Carson Is Now an Official Presidential Candidate

Back in 2008, liberals labeled then-presidential candidate Barack Obama “the great black hope.”

At the time, I thought they were idiots.

That hasn’t changed today. Yet I gotta say, I do understand their enthusiasm a bit better.

You see, Ben Carson announced he’s running for president over the weekend. And it’s taking a lot for me not to get ridiculously excited.

Just for the record, no: It’s not because he’s black. I’d like him just as much if he was white or Asian or Native American or pink with bright green polka dots.

I’m struggling not to get too enthusiastic because he’s intelligent and honorable and unafraid to speak out on issues too many Republicans turn into abject cowards over.

However, he’s still human, which is what I need to keep in mind. He’s not perfect, and regardless of whether he wins or not, he can’t save America.

None of us can, and not just because the liberal’s “great black hope” turned out to be such a miserable failure in that regard, messing up this country far worse than it was to begin with.

Not to go all “Christian” on you readers, but the following is true nonetheless...

Ben Carson might very well be an amazing presidential candidate who will do a world of good if elected. But our only hope is God.

Always has been. Always will be.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Oh, the Racist Rants I’m Reading Now

I’m reading comments on articles right now. Which is stupid on so many levels. I mean, everyone knows that no good comes out of reading comments on articles these days. But I’m too curious for my own good sometimes so here I am.

Of course, I’m reading stuff about Baltimore and Freddie Gray. (Because, what else is there these days?) And it’s tragic. This whole mess is so tragic and so preventable.

So why aren’t we preventing any of it?

Let me explain.

I’ve read and read about and heard so many opinions over the last week. The ones I’m seeing now are mostly from white people throwing the N-word around, lumping all black people together and saying that black lives don’t matter.

Why are they being such racist pigs? Because they’re sick of black racists saying that white lives don’t matter. They’re tired of the Al Sharptons and Jeremiah Wrights and Jesse Jacksons out there savaging white people’s lives, livelihoods and reputations to prove that they’re relevant.

And why do black racists like Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson have such destructive power over this country? Well, that’d be because of destructive, ignorant, idiotic white racists who kept them or their fathers or their grandfathers from sitting on buses or voting or living free.

See a pattern here? Because I do. And it’s sickening.

One group behaves badly – maybe even horribly – fostering hatred in the other group. The other group then retaliates by behaving badly – maybe even horribly – fostering hatred in the first group. Which then leads the other group to feel even more justified in hating.

It’s disgusting, and it’s disturbing and it’s so exceptionally sad. And we could make so much of it stop if we’d just quit lumping everyone into categories like they’re the end-all and be-all of society.

There are some good white people and bad white people. There are some good black people and bad black people. If that sounds like a childish breakdown, it’s because it’s really that simple.

So how about we forget categories. Because from where I stand now, they’re not any more helpful than they are relevant considering how the whole human race seems to be in serious need of being smacked upside the head right about now.