Thursday, January 7, 2016

Germany Rings in the New Year With Scores of Sexual Assaults by Alleged Refugees

Yesterday, BBC News issued a report about the German city of Cologne, where About 1,000 young men - many of North African or Arab appearance - are believed to have arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women” on New Year’s Eve.

However, “Officials have urged people not to link the violence to Germany’s influx of refugees.”

Ummm… Say what?

Perhaps citizens or spectators with half their brain cells missing can resist making THAT connection about THAT many men matching THAT basic description committing THAT many crimes against women when we all know how THAT part of the world views the female sex.

But only if the story is about one single city in a country that’s made a staunch effort to accept so many refugees over the last few months. Once you add in the Breitbart story that it wasn’t isolated to Cologne… that it was, in fact, a nationwide issue on New Year’s Eve?

Well, let’s just say you can’t call yourself anything but brainwashed or brainless if you don’t make that connection.

Sure, it wasn’t 1,000 men per city. Only “groups of… men aged between 20 and 40 [who] sexually assaulted dozens of women” in Hamburg, resulting in over 50 complaints; “four separate incidents” near the Brandenburg gate in Berlin; “an unspecified number” of victims in Stuttgart; and 11 such attacks in Düsseldorf, all of which Breitbart reports were of Middle Eastern appearance.

People of the press, government officials and everyone else, that’s a problem. That’s a big problem. And it’s high time someone started admitting it.

It’s not automatically racist or nationalistic to admit when some set of outsiders is being offensive. And when women aren’t safe on their own streets because of outsider behavior?

That’s offensive. It’s inexcusable. And it’s a very good reason to rethink one’s refugee program… if not shut it down altogether.

How many women need to be sexually assaulted in the name of human rights before we start using even half of our brain cells to analyze reality?

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