Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Judge This, Sweetie Pie

You know, people say the word “judge” like it’s a bad thing.

“Judge not lest you be judged,” they quote piously, as if that’s the end-all and be-all to life’s problems. That if we just don’t “judge,” the world will be at peace and everyone will get along just fine.

But will they really? Or would the world fall apart even worse than it already is?

Before you answer that question, consider what would happen if you didn’t:

·         Judge a car before you bought it
·         Judge a relationship before you said “I do”
·         Judge an alleyway before you walked down it
·         Judge the smell of those leftovers you’ve had in the fridge maybe a week too long
·         Judge a friend’s alcohol level before you let him or her drive
·         Judge how much gasoline is left in your car before you take it through inner city Baltimore
·         Judge how long a light will stay yellow before you go running through it
·         Judge whether a med student is competent before you graduate him
·         Judge whether a politician is trustworthy before you elect him.

Judging is making a determination. It’s analyzing the situation and coming to a conclusion. And it’s necessary for life to continue in any worthwhile fashion.

Can we judge wrong sometimes? Of course.  Sometimes we don’t analyze enough and come to the wrong conclusions as a result.

But saying we shouldn’t judge because we might judge wrong is like saying we shouldn’t eat because we eat wrong.

It’s a stupid inference that actually causes more harm than good.

Rather like wasting our money – or worse – on a lemon, or marrying the wrong person or getting mugged because we didn’t look before we leapt… contracting food poisoning… getting into a drunk-driving accident… stalling out in a bad part of town… getting a ticket for running a red… suffering from the ignorance of an unqualified doctor… or seeing our liberties attacked by a dishonorable president…

We shouldn’t stop judging, people. We should just get better at it.

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