Friday, January 22, 2016

Patriotic Is NOT a Dirty Word

Working in Microsoft Word this week, I came across a disturbing aspect when I looked up “patriotic” in its thesaurus. Here’s the list of supposed synonyms it gave me:

·         Loyal
·         Nationalistic
·         Partisan
·         Devoted
·         Jingoistic
·         Xenophobic
·         Chauvinistic

Apparently jingoistic means belligerently chauvinistic. Hardly a flattering description.

And hardly accurate when being compared to a derivative of “patriotism,” which means “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country,” according to

How do you get chauvinistic out of that? Or jingoistic? O xenophobic? Or even partisan?

Now, I can understand nationalistic to some degree. Patriotism, like just about everything else in life, can be overdone. And when it is, it can become nationalism, which is scary dangerous.

But patriotism by itself is a positive thing. Especially the kind of American patriotism that led our founders to fight for their dignity against a condescending king an ocean away.

In studying the Revolutionary War again, this time for Designing America, the sequel to Maiden America, I’m once again amazed at how seriously our ancestors took their patriotism: putting their lives, their families, their possessions, their health and their sanity in jeopardy to ensure a worthwhile future for their fledgling country.

Slandering that kind of devotion, commitment, faith and courage with names like the ones listed above is not only patently false but also downright deranged and unbelievably ungrateful.

But I guess that’s what we want of our citizens these days: to be gullible, unbalanced brats, as conservative activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas recorded in its latest undercover video.

In it, full-grown gullible, unbalanced brat Kim Koerber – who works in the educational publishing industry – defends the government-pushed, propaganda-based Common Core curriculum by saying that, “The dead white guys did not create this country.” Except they did.

Yes, there are dead women and dead blacks and dead everyone else who did too. James Armistead Lafayette and the 1st Rhode Island Regiment (both who get credit in Designing America) are amazing proof of that. And those people deserve to be mentioned in the history books too.

But not at the expense of those “dead white guys,” those fellow patriots who deserve more for what they gave us than we can ever afford today.

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