Monday, January 25, 2016

This Is Art? This Is Entertainment? We’re Doomed!

A farting corpse with a constant erection.

That’s someone’s idea of a Sundance Film Festival submission. Which is bad enough by itself.

What’s worse is that it was actually accepted.

Worse still is how, according to Yahoo, it was “one of the most anticipated movies” at this year’s event, with the Eccles Theater having “to turn away hundreds of movies fans, and even a few industry VIPs, at the packed premiere of ‘Swiss Army Man,’ starring Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano.”

Yahoo goes on to explain that “The indie, directed by music video duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, opens with Radcliffe (as the corpse) washing onto a shore. Dano’s character inspects the body, as it comes to life by twitching and passing gas.

“The story unfolds in a magical realist style and features long discussions about masturbation, isolation and the meaning of life. It also features a kiss between Dano and Radcliffe (who continues to flee his Harry Potter image by taking part in a reoccurring gag where his dead character maintains an erection).”


My first thought is that’s one of the most pathetic, pointless, worthless play plots I’ve ever heard of.

My second is that it sounds a lot like Samuel Beckett’s classic, Waiting for Godot… which also happens to be one of the most pathetic, pointless, worthless play plots I’ve ever heard of. Unfortunately with that one, I’ve actually had to read it for a post-modern British literature course back in college.

The whole premise of Waiting for Godot is that God doesn’t exist. That we’re fools for thinking he’s ever going to show up when our entire history points to him never being there.

And who knows. Maybe we are.

But personally, I’d rather have the dignity of believing I’m loved by some higher power than think my greatest contribution to society could be writing a pathetic, pointless, worthless play about a farting corpse with a constant erection.

Otherwise, the human race seems pretty much doomed.

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