Monday, January 4, 2016

Why in the World Aren’t We Hearing More About the Oregon Standoff?

Yesterday, I happened to see something one of my liberal Facebook friends had posted. Originally tweeted by one Qasim Rashid, Esq., it read:

“If 150 armed Muslims took over a chicken coop there’d be a worldwide terror alert. But 150 armed white folk seize a federal building & meh.”

Despite its lack of proper punctuation (there really should be a comma after “coop”), that’s surprisingly insightful.

Not for its boo-hooing over the plight of Muslim perception, of course. As I said repeatedly in 2015 – and I’m afraid I’ll have multiple opportunities to say again in 2016 – there’s a reason why Islam has the bad name that it does.

It’s the other part I find profound. The part about the “150 white folk” appropriating a federal building.

If you haven’t heard, an armed group of Oregonians went into the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and declared its intention to stay indefinitely. This is in declared protest of a 73-year-old rancher and his son, who were found guilty of setting fires that went on to scorch federal land.

This is kind-of a big deal, people.

Yet nobody’s talking much about it. There aren’t articles splashed everywhere analyzing the perpetrators or interviewing their loved ones. There’s really no coverage at all.

Which is weird. By any standard. Muslim, Christian, un-American, American, left, right… It should be obvious to all that something’s off here.

I mean, this could too easily turn into another Waco ending. So where are the news crews? And where are the liberals using this story to condemn “rural” values, American freedoms and the Constitution?

This relative media silence isn’t normal. It’s so not normal that I’m going to go all conspiracy theorist here and say that the lack of coverage is government-mandated.

For whatever reason, I don’t think the Obama administration wants us to know about this situation. Rather like that third terrorist out in California who suddenly disappeared from the news, there are details in the Oregon situation that would reflect badly on the current president if they came to light.

There. I’ve said it. Feel free to call me out on it later if I’m wrong.

In the meantime, Happy New Year. Let freedom ring!

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