Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The World Will Mock Us If We Elect Donald Trump President of the United States

At my 9-5, I work with a lot of liberals. Socialists, actually. I mean, my whole entire large-roomed office is on fire for Bernie Sanders, talking about “feeling the Bern” and other such stupid stuff.

The bigwigs at my company call themselves libertarians, but that makes them either liars or committed self-deluders. Because, based on the ideas they espouse, they’re liberal Republicans or moderate Democrats.

Either way, they’re idiots.

I had to edit one of their transcripts yesterday, where the guru in question lamented how Donald Trump is in the race. How he’s likely to be the GOP nominee. And how that’s making us a global laughing stock and prompting people not to invest in American businesses.

My responding question is: Who cares what the rest of the world thinks of us?

Yes, I get that we’re not an entirely self-sustaining nation. And yes, I know it helps our companies when non-Americans buy up our products and into our stocks.

But guess what? They’re going to do that anyway. They “bought American” when George W. Bush was in office, even though everyone the world over said he was an idiot extraordinaire. I still remember reading a well-known British publication back in 2004 that wondered what in the world was wrong with America after Bush was elected the second time.

Yet that global bad opinion didn’t really harm our economic situation. Far from it.

Besides, has my company's editor seen the world right now? It's a mess politically, societally, financially and every other which way!

Egypt just sentenced a toddler to prison for life! Europe is such a continuing disaster and – simultaneously, a disaster waiting to happen – that the UK is toying with the idea of leaving the EU. And the Middle East? Russia? China? Not impressed there either.

Admittedly, I’m not a Trump fan. I’ll vote for him if it’s a choice between him and socialist Bernie Sanders or him and egomaniac Hillary Clinton. But I’m going to be sighing the whole way to the polls and back. And then I’m going to need a serious ice cream fix – chocolate chip cookie dough with peanut butter cups, hot fudge, whipped cream and AT LEAST two cherries on top – to dull my discontent.

But again, Trump is not the worst option before us. For that matter, he’s still an upgrade over what we have now… a man so arrogant and unfeeling that he just cracked a joke in public about “appointing judges,” an obvious reference to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

Shrug that one off if you want to, but you still have to face the noxious mess our healthcare system is devolving into, how our borders are being flooded with government dependents and potential terrorists, and how our young and youngish people honestly think that socialism – which was the political precursor to Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia and starvation-inducing economic failures throughout history – is a good idea.

So let the world mock us all they want for potentially electing Donald Trump president of the United States.

I couldn't care less considering “the world” thought Obama was a good idea.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Brain, My Choice

A friend of mine recently reminded me of C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle, a fairytale involving a smooth-talking ape named Shift, and a desperate donkey named Puzzle who will do anything to make his supposed friend approve of him, including pretend to be something he’s not and ultimately put an entire nation at risk.

On his own, Puzzle would never have impersonated God and gotten innocent people murdered as a result. But Shift knows how to game Puzzle, playing cards like I’m doing this for your sake and Don’t you care about anyone but yourself? along with some clever slate-of-hand tricks.

At one point, Shift comes right out and says, “You know you’re no good at thinking, Puzzle, so why don’t you let me do your thinking for you?”

C.S. Lewis may have first published The Last Battle in 1956, but the tale is clearly as relevant today since that’s the same question liberals ask us in 2016.

They want us to believe we can’t take care of ourselves. That we would be poor, uneducated slobs without them holding our hands (behind our backs). That we’re lucky to have them around.

How are we lucky? They’re so glad you asked!

As a reward for letting them think for you, you get to do with yourself as you please. “Your body, your choice!” they tell you. “Go sleep with whoever you want, whenever and however!”

‘Cause, didn’t you know? You didn’t have the option of being promiscuous before liberals stepped in and said you could “just do it.”

Awwwww! Thanks, liberals.

But wait… There’s more…

Along with the reward of using your body how (they say) you please, you get to trash any unwanted products (if those products are human lives, anyway. The diseases you have to keep)!

And all of this for the price of your brain. For eschewing logic. For mocking decency. For ignoring history. And for dressing up as God in uncomfortably tight skins because someone else told you it was what you should do. Because thinking isn’t your strong suit.

That’s all it costs.

I don’t know about you, but for me? I think I’ll stick with my brain.

Oh, and liberals, for the record? My body was never yours to give away in the first place.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What’s Wrong With Women Working on Wall Street

I’m a self-respecting female, so when I saw the Yahoo headline, Trader exposes sexist horrors of the Wall Street ‘frat house,’ I got righteously indignant pretty darn fast.

And I didn’t get any less indignant reading the first several paragraphs of the actual article, which read:

“When Maureen Sherry resigned from Bear Stearns after 10 years, she was given a going-away party, a sizable check – and a nondisclosure agreement.

“‘The legal department gave me this document to sign,’ she says, and the money was a bribe: Don’t ever talk about the things you’ve seen here, or the way you were harassed, dehumanized, humiliated.

“Sherry refused to sign and declined the check. ‘Me taking money,’ she says, ‘wouldn’t help anyone coming up after me.’

“Her forthcoming novel, ‘Opening Belle’ (Simon & Schuster), a thinly fictionalized account of her 11 years on Wall Street, is the result.”

Sounds inspiring, right? A rallying cry for all women to declare we’re not just another piece of you-know-what!

And then I saw the featured cover of said book, which features two simplistically drawn but still clear business men, six utterly indistinct male figures, and one single female figure wearing a black skirt with a slit up to her you-know-what.

With that, my righteous indignation dropped a few notches.

Don’t get me wrong, because the rest of the article was filled with some horrifying stories of sexual harassment in the workplace, all of which I fully believe. They’re entirely inexcusable and the men who committed them should be castrated.

Seriously. If they’re going to leave unwrapped condoms in female coworkers’ pizza boxes or moo at them if they’re lactating, they don’t deserve their equipment. End of story.

But women should be managing their sexuality in more mature ways too.

The article’s author, Maureen Callahan, asks, “In our post-post-feminist, politically correct culture, sensitive to race, gender, sexual orientation and all manner of micro-aggression, how could men possibly behave like this?”

I have a few different answers to that, but since I’m trying to stay on topic, let’s go with this: Women aren’t doing themselves any favors. If we don’t want to be treated like sex objects, we need to stop portraying ourselves as sex objects.

Until we do, we’re just as guilty as men of keeping our society sexist.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Murdered?

I’m not saying they murdered him, but I’m not saying they didn’t either.

That was one of my first thoughts after finding out that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was dead. My first was: Great. Obama gets to pick another justice. America is officially dead.

I’ve bounced back from that fatalistic notion, but I’m not revising my concern that it might have been murder for a number of good reasons, including how liberals have no real respect for life. I’m not even talking about their belief that it’s laudable to murder unborn babies. I’m talking about their reactions on Facebook immediately after finding out about Scalia’s death, including:

Justice Scalia is dead. It's about time Westboro Baptist Church got to attend a funeral for real” and “Antonin #Scalia requested cremation in his will, but millions of women will meet tomorrow to discuss if that’s really best for his body.”

Who does that? Who openly mocks someone’s death? Someone’s loss?

The easy answer: liberals.

That lack of respect for life gets more intense the more liberal they get. So if you get in the way of them murdering babies, indoctrinating youth, and making everyone dependent on uncaring and unsustainable government, they not only think you belong in hell. They want you there too.

Some of them even want you there so much they’ll do everything they can to put you there.

Again, none of that means Scalia didn’t die of natural causes. But if that’s the case, the following facts remain rather weird:

·         Everyone said he was happy and perky before retiring to bed that night.
·         It took hours for authorities to find a justice of the peace (and when they did, said person’s name was “Cinderela”) to pronounce Scalia dead…of natural causes… without ever seeing the body. That’s apparently legal in Texas (which is weird all by itself), but come on! This is a Supreme Court Justice!
·         John Poindexter, owner of the Cibolo Ranch where Scalia died, reported that the Justice was found with “a pillow over his head” looking utterly peaceful.

Maybe that’s all explainable from start to finish. But it’s weird nonetheless.

What’s also weird is how Democrats in 1960 passed a resolution against election-year Supreme Court appointments. So apparently, from a legal standpoint, Obama doesn’t get to choose Scalia’s successor.

Not that that’ll stop him from trying and maybe even succeeding. Because, again, he’s a hardcore liberal with no respect for life. And when you have no respect for life, you certainly don’t care about any of the other rules of civilized living.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stop Being Pathetically PC, White Men

Do you know what white men’s problem is? It’s white men.

I realized that yesterday after listening to my white male coworker yap about “white privilege” during a discussion about Beyonce’s racist Super Bowl half-time performance.

White men, sorry that I’m going here. But I’ve bashed women before for being their own worst enemy, called out men in general for being idiots, and criticized blacks for doing themselves no favors too… all of which brings me to the conclusion that this whole world is really messed up.

Beyonce and my pansy, PC white male coworker are just the latest examples of such.

If you missed it during Beyonce’s half-time performance (which I’ll admit I did because I was so focused on how old and desperate she looked. I’m not kidding. I had no idea she was attempting anything except to try – and fail – to prove how hot and hip she is), here’s the scoop

The show included her clad in a tight black leotard with militaristic accessories, accompanied by enough similarly appareled black women to form a large X on the field to promote her new single, “Formation,” which is about police brutality, the Black Panthers and Malcolm X.

I’m sure it did as much good for black people as Hillary Clinton has done for women and my white male coworker is doing for white men.

The problem with all three of those people is that they’re self-serving. My coworker, for one, “cares” about the poor, women and minorities, but always in such a way as to elevate himself.

It’s evident in his tone of voice every time he dismisses a case of white people being abused on the grounds that white people have abused others in the past.

Forget that the poor, women and minorities are all just as guilty of crimes against humanity. The latest proof of such are Chudy and Sandra Nsobundu down in Texas, who kept a Nigerian nanny as a slave for two years. Sandra, a black woman, was especially brutal to her slave, by the way.

But my white male coworker steadfastly refuses to acknowledge such examples because they’re not PC. And PC – not reality – gets him patted on the back in the leftist circles he sticks to.

These are also the crowds that make him think it’s acceptable to freak out for 20 minutes straight when his cafĂ©-bought coffee isn’t done right. Where was the care and compassion for the “poor” barista in that case? He’s a white man; why didn’t he assume it was somehow his fault?

Besides, can anyone say #PansyMiddleClassWhiteBoyProblems?

There are too many white men out there like my white male coworker who are ready to sacrifice everyone but themselves on the PC alter.

It’s pathetic, and it’s helping nobody, neither the people they claim to care about, nor themselves.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donald Trump Takes… New Hampshire?!?

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primary.

Donald Trump.

New Hampshire.

Republican primary.


My brain isn’t computing.

Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire Democrat primary?

Obviously, yes, that was going to happen. Hillary never really had a chance considering:

A)    Nobody likes her.
B)    Nobody likes her.
C)    Vermont and New Hampshire are so far left they might as well belong to Russia.

But Donald Trump?

Again, this chunk of New England is ridiculously liberal. We’re talking snooty blue bloods talking the talk while snuggled up on their comfy couches wrapped up in their self-importance (i.e., not walking the walk) kind-of leftist.

Even the Republicans are really Democrats, as evidenced by the fact that John Kasich got 16% of the vote.

So how in the world did Trump win the state, much less win the state with 35% of the vote?

Don’t ask me. Because I honestly have no clue.

Maybe I’ll figure it out by tomorrow. But I doubt it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton Get Iowa’s Votes and Their Fellow Candidates’ Ire

The claws are definitely out after last night’s Iowa primary vote, where Ted Cruz won on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton won for the Democrats. While Donald Trump is reportedly behaving like a big boy over his second-place status in the official polls, there are other camps crying foul.

Bernie Sanders, for one, “has called on the Democratic party to release a raw vote count in Iowa after a nail-biting finish left lingering doubts over the first, much tighter-than-expected, clash with Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination,” as theguardian put it.

And last night, at the Bernie Sanders rally in Des Moines, Politico reports that people were over-the-top unhappy when Hillary started her little victory speech on TV. “The crowd booed loudly at first, then cheered when the sound cut out. The sound soon returned and Clinton was drowned out by further boos when she said ‘I’m a progressive who gets things done.’”

They then took to changing “She’s a liar!” until the Sanders campaign turned the broadcast off.

Admittedly, I’m surprised Sanders didn’t win. Considering how I’ve seen maybe one – and I’m not exaggerating – bumper sticker touting Hillary, but dozens if not a hundred or two for Bernie across multiple states, I find it questionable that she has that much support.

If she does, it’s lukewarm at best.

Then again, I’m thrilled Hillary won (if she really did and it wasn’t a Clinton trick where she killed or coerced enough Iowans to swing the vote), since that indicates there’s a majority of Democrats who aren’t so un-American and dangerously ignorant that they’d root for a socialist.

Meanwhile, over on the Republican side, Carson – my former favorite – is accusing the Cruz camp of telling people he was out of the race, thereby shifting votes over to Cruz.

Could that have happened?

I don’t want to think a real conservative would act that way. Then again, I also don’t want to think of a real conservative being such a bad sport. So it’s a lose-lose either way.

Steve King, an Iowan representative who was campaigning with Cruz, did tweet: “Carson looks like he is out. Iowans need to know before they vote. Most will go to Cruz, I hope.”

Whether he was misinformed or intentionally misleading is the question. But regardless, I genuinely don’t believe Carson has a shot anymore, hence the reason why I’m going with Cruz.

One way or the other though, the votes are in and almost assuredly here to stay. (Sorry, Bernie.) It’s time to shift focus to New Hampshire.

Monday, February 1, 2016

What Everyone “Knew” Back Then and What We “Know” Now

Ever considered the possibility that we’re not nearly so brilliant as we think we are?

Sure, we have our smartphones and our medical breakthroughs and our artistic philosophies that we pat ourselves on the back for like we’re God’s gift to the planet.

But have we really learned anything? Have we actually progressed as a human race?

I don’t think so. I never have. I think we’re just as stupid as we’ve ever been.

Right now, I’m reading a book called In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette. It’s the true story of the 19th century quest to find the North Pole, and while I’m only around 50 pages into it, I’ve already learned a whole heck of a lot.

For instance, did you know that people in the 1800s were hyper-focused on finding the North Pole? That they believed it was practically utopic up there? That, if some brave adventurer could just find his way through the ice up there – which made a ring around the actual North Pole, didn’t you know – it would be beautiful and warm and sunny, perhaps sporting unknown civilizations and amazing discoveries?

This wasn’t some silly fairy tale only the mere masses believed. Governments and wildly successful businessmen invested money into the notion that the North Pole wasn’t really cold. So did otherwise brilliant scientists.

Of course, they were dead wrong. And I don’t mean that metaphorically. While I haven’t finished In the Kingdom of the Ice, I’ve read the description and talked to someone who has read it. So I know how it doesn’t have a happy ending for everyone.

It certainly doesn’t have a happy ending for all those government funds and business investments and scientific certainties that the North Pole was a happy, shiny place.

Look throughout history, and you’ll find similar stories across civilizations and eras. Each time, the people involved thought themselves so advanced. And each time, consequent generations recognized them for the fools they were.

So what makes us so different? Seriously. How are we so arrogant that we think we’ve got everything figured out?

Go ahead. Start spouting off about smartphones and medical breakthroughs and artistic philosophies.

That’s what everyone who believed in a flat Earth and using sugar to brush your teeth and a warm North Pole did to.