Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donald Trump Takes… New Hampshire?!?

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primary.

Donald Trump.

New Hampshire.

Republican primary.


My brain isn’t computing.

Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire Democrat primary?

Obviously, yes, that was going to happen. Hillary never really had a chance considering:

A)    Nobody likes her.
B)    Nobody likes her.
C)    Vermont and New Hampshire are so far left they might as well belong to Russia.

But Donald Trump?

Again, this chunk of New England is ridiculously liberal. We’re talking snooty blue bloods talking the talk while snuggled up on their comfy couches wrapped up in their self-importance (i.e., not walking the walk) kind-of leftist.

Even the Republicans are really Democrats, as evidenced by the fact that John Kasich got 16% of the vote.

So how in the world did Trump win the state, much less win the state with 35% of the vote?

Don’t ask me. Because I honestly have no clue.

Maybe I’ll figure it out by tomorrow. But I doubt it.

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