Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stop Being Pathetically PC, White Men

Do you know what white men’s problem is? It’s white men.

I realized that yesterday after listening to my white male coworker yap about “white privilege” during a discussion about Beyonce’s racist Super Bowl half-time performance.

White men, sorry that I’m going here. But I’ve bashed women before for being their own worst enemy, called out men in general for being idiots, and criticized blacks for doing themselves no favors too… all of which brings me to the conclusion that this whole world is really messed up.

Beyonce and my pansy, PC white male coworker are just the latest examples of such.

If you missed it during Beyonce’s half-time performance (which I’ll admit I did because I was so focused on how old and desperate she looked. I’m not kidding. I had no idea she was attempting anything except to try – and fail – to prove how hot and hip she is), here’s the scoop

The show included her clad in a tight black leotard with militaristic accessories, accompanied by enough similarly appareled black women to form a large X on the field to promote her new single, “Formation,” which is about police brutality, the Black Panthers and Malcolm X.

I’m sure it did as much good for black people as Hillary Clinton has done for women and my white male coworker is doing for white men.

The problem with all three of those people is that they’re self-serving. My coworker, for one, “cares” about the poor, women and minorities, but always in such a way as to elevate himself.

It’s evident in his tone of voice every time he dismisses a case of white people being abused on the grounds that white people have abused others in the past.

Forget that the poor, women and minorities are all just as guilty of crimes against humanity. The latest proof of such are Chudy and Sandra Nsobundu down in Texas, who kept a Nigerian nanny as a slave for two years. Sandra, a black woman, was especially brutal to her slave, by the way.

But my white male coworker steadfastly refuses to acknowledge such examples because they’re not PC. And PC – not reality – gets him patted on the back in the leftist circles he sticks to.

These are also the crowds that make him think it’s acceptable to freak out for 20 minutes straight when his café-bought coffee isn’t done right. Where was the care and compassion for the “poor” barista in that case? He’s a white man; why didn’t he assume it was somehow his fault?

Besides, can anyone say #PansyMiddleClassWhiteBoyProblems?

There are too many white men out there like my white male coworker who are ready to sacrifice everyone but themselves on the PC alter.

It’s pathetic, and it’s helping nobody, neither the people they claim to care about, nor themselves.

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