Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The World Will Mock Us If We Elect Donald Trump President of the United States

At my 9-5, I work with a lot of liberals. Socialists, actually. I mean, my whole entire large-roomed office is on fire for Bernie Sanders, talking about “feeling the Bern” and other such stupid stuff.

The bigwigs at my company call themselves libertarians, but that makes them either liars or committed self-deluders. Because, based on the ideas they espouse, they’re liberal Republicans or moderate Democrats.

Either way, they’re idiots.

I had to edit one of their transcripts yesterday, where the guru in question lamented how Donald Trump is in the race. How he’s likely to be the GOP nominee. And how that’s making us a global laughing stock and prompting people not to invest in American businesses.

My responding question is: Who cares what the rest of the world thinks of us?

Yes, I get that we’re not an entirely self-sustaining nation. And yes, I know it helps our companies when non-Americans buy up our products and into our stocks.

But guess what? They’re going to do that anyway. They “bought American” when George W. Bush was in office, even though everyone the world over said he was an idiot extraordinaire. I still remember reading a well-known British publication back in 2004 that wondered what in the world was wrong with America after Bush was elected the second time.

Yet that global bad opinion didn’t really harm our economic situation. Far from it.

Besides, has my company's editor seen the world right now? It's a mess politically, societally, financially and every other which way!

Egypt just sentenced a toddler to prison for life! Europe is such a continuing disaster and – simultaneously, a disaster waiting to happen – that the UK is toying with the idea of leaving the EU. And the Middle East? Russia? China? Not impressed there either.

Admittedly, I’m not a Trump fan. I’ll vote for him if it’s a choice between him and socialist Bernie Sanders or him and egomaniac Hillary Clinton. But I’m going to be sighing the whole way to the polls and back. And then I’m going to need a serious ice cream fix – chocolate chip cookie dough with peanut butter cups, hot fudge, whipped cream and AT LEAST two cherries on top – to dull my discontent.

But again, Trump is not the worst option before us. For that matter, he’s still an upgrade over what we have now… a man so arrogant and unfeeling that he just cracked a joke in public about “appointing judges,” an obvious reference to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

Shrug that one off if you want to, but you still have to face the noxious mess our healthcare system is devolving into, how our borders are being flooded with government dependents and potential terrorists, and how our young and youngish people honestly think that socialism – which was the political precursor to Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia and starvation-inducing economic failures throughout history – is a good idea.

So let the world mock us all they want for potentially electing Donald Trump president of the United States.

I couldn't care less considering “the world” thought Obama was a good idea.

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