Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Murdered?

I’m not saying they murdered him, but I’m not saying they didn’t either.

That was one of my first thoughts after finding out that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was dead. My first was: Great. Obama gets to pick another justice. America is officially dead.

I’ve bounced back from that fatalistic notion, but I’m not revising my concern that it might have been murder for a number of good reasons, including how liberals have no real respect for life. I’m not even talking about their belief that it’s laudable to murder unborn babies. I’m talking about their reactions on Facebook immediately after finding out about Scalia’s death, including:

Justice Scalia is dead. It's about time Westboro Baptist Church got to attend a funeral for real” and “Antonin #Scalia requested cremation in his will, but millions of women will meet tomorrow to discuss if that’s really best for his body.”

Who does that? Who openly mocks someone’s death? Someone’s loss?

The easy answer: liberals.

That lack of respect for life gets more intense the more liberal they get. So if you get in the way of them murdering babies, indoctrinating youth, and making everyone dependent on uncaring and unsustainable government, they not only think you belong in hell. They want you there too.

Some of them even want you there so much they’ll do everything they can to put you there.

Again, none of that means Scalia didn’t die of natural causes. But if that’s the case, the following facts remain rather weird:

·         Everyone said he was happy and perky before retiring to bed that night.
·         It took hours for authorities to find a justice of the peace (and when they did, said person’s name was “Cinderela”) to pronounce Scalia dead…of natural causes… without ever seeing the body. That’s apparently legal in Texas (which is weird all by itself), but come on! This is a Supreme Court Justice!
·         John Poindexter, owner of the Cibolo Ranch where Scalia died, reported that the Justice was found with “a pillow over his head” looking utterly peaceful.

Maybe that’s all explainable from start to finish. But it’s weird nonetheless.

What’s also weird is how Democrats in 1960 passed a resolution against election-year Supreme Court appointments. So apparently, from a legal standpoint, Obama doesn’t get to choose Scalia’s successor.

Not that that’ll stop him from trying and maybe even succeeding. Because, again, he’s a hardcore liberal with no respect for life. And when you have no respect for life, you certainly don’t care about any of the other rules of civilized living.

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