Thursday, March 3, 2016

Academia Doesn’t Know How to Handle Its Own Politically Correct Monster Run Amok

For about the last year, we’ve heard stories about college students high on themselves and their liberal education – and who knows what else – taking on faculty over incidences, architecture and individuals perceived to be racists.

One such instance was when black University of Missouri football players refused to play until then-President Timothy Wolfe’s tenure was terminated. Their complaint was that Wolfe hadn’t done anything about five specific charges of racism on campus since 2010.

Moreover, the last three – at least – were questionable, happening at the perfect time to the perfect people to generate the perfect amount of pressure. I’m sorry, but there have been too many proven hoaxes over the years for me to automatically believe much of anything these days.

Now, racism and bigotry are never excusable. But neither is reverse racism and reverse bigotry, where we oppress a group because they once upon a time oppressed another group… which is one of the many harmful policies liberal academia has been force-feeding our kids for years.

It should therefore come as no surprise that our kids have become so obese on that diet of liberalism that they’re now not only unhealthy but also unmanageable.

The University of Kansas is learning that the hard way. Its Assistant Communications Professor Andrea Quenette is on administrative leave since her students are boycotting her over what they’ve labeled “uncomfortable, unhelpful, and blatantly discriminatory” discourse.

The trouble started in one of her modules when they “began discussing possible ways to bring [racial] issues up in” their classes. That’s when Quenette “abruptly interjected with deeply disturbing remarks,” first “with her admitted lack of knowledge of how to talk about racism with her students because she is white. ‘As a white woman I just never have seen the racism… It’s not like I see ‘[the full N-word]’ spray painted on walls…’ she said.”

Now, I think Quenette was an idiot for using the N-word, even in that context. But considering the other complaints her students made against her, they’re even bigger idiots.

Because they’ve also accused her of the crime of thinking that University of Kansas students who were dropping out might be doing so over bad grades, not a racist environment.

The students allege that, “This statement reinforces several negative ideas: that violence against students of color is only physical, that students of color are less academically inclined and able, and that structural and institutional cultures, policies, and support systems have no role in shaping academic outcomes.”

Ridiculous? Yes. But it’s completely explainable.

Our liberal education system – our pretentious, condescending academia – did this to itself.

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