Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Might as Well Vote for Trump; They Hate Us Anyway

So Donald Trump won more states last night. Shocker, I know.

It looks like he’s going to win the primary and quite possibly the entire election, in which case, liberals are going to call us every mean name in the book.

Which means nothing’s going to change.

I’ve spent the primaries so far seeing my liberal Facebook friends’ comments online and hearing my liberal coworkers’ comments in the office. Judging by those alone, not to mention the news and Hollywood and politicians for the past decade, I’m 100% confident in saying that:

If you call yourself a conservative, liberals hate you.

For that matter, if you’re part of the GOP, they hate you. You can be the most liberal Republican ever, but if you have that R on your voter card – practically a swastika, really – they hate you.

Why? Because you believe women should be held responsible for the life they conceive. And that’s sexist.

Because you believe men should provide for their families instead of throwing them off on the government. And that’s racist.

Because you believe poor people need less handouts and more opportunities. And that’s classist.

And because you believe America should be safe for law-abiding Americans. And that’s nationalistic.

I mean… how dare you, you jerks!

After Chief Justice Antonin Scalia – who believed all the above – died, you may have seen some of the hateful comments that made their rounds on liberal walls, including:

·         Justice Scalia is dead. It's about time Westboro Baptist Church got to attend a funeral for real.
·         Antonin #Scalia requested cremation in his will, but millions of women will meet tomorrow to discuss if that’s really best for his body.
·         There’s a special place in HELL for people like Scalia.

A man died. A family lost a loved one. And liberals react by dancing on his not-even-dug-yet grave, making jokes and wishing him subjected to eternal horror.

So if you’re worried about them hating you if Donald Trump wins, don’t bother.

They already do.

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