Friday, March 11, 2016

Young Black Man Attacked by Police Officers in Baltimore City Again!

It’s happened again! A young black man was assaulted by police officers in Baltimore City!

And this time, it happened at school.

The news broke two whole days ago, yet there haven’t been any protests organized. There aren’t any riots with people demanding justice. And Black Lives Matters is nowhere in sight.

So where is the outrage?

Apparently, there’s some relegated to the Baltimore City mayor’s office, where Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is “appalled”… just not enough to give citizens permission to run amok in the streets, as she did in the case of Freddie Gray.

That’s probably because the police officers in question are black.

I mean, yes, two of them were black in the Freddie Gray case too, but nobody knew that in the beginning. And by the time that news broke, it was too late to stop the protests and the riots and Black Lives Matters from making idiots of themselves.

This time, everyone knew not to turn it into an unnecessarily national ordeal. It was black-on-black violence.

And we all know that black lives don’t matter unless a white person is hurting them.

(That's extreme sarcasm, by the way, people. It's intended to make you think. Just in case you're too liberal to figure that out.)

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