Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I Don’t Hate Obama

I was going to write about two crazy racist women today, but what the heck. We all know there’s racism in the world. And if we don’t recognize that racists come in all shapes, sizes and colors, then me highlighting a blatant example of such isn’t going to do a single bit of good.

Actually, me highlighting anything probably won’t do much good. Not when everyone is so determined to have their opinions these days, regardless of the actual facts.

Since I apparently have nothing better to do with my time, however, here I go anyway…

I was talking to my sister over the weekend, and we were joking about the NSA listening in on our conversation. Which, hey, it might be for all I know. It’s a nosy little thing like that.

Anyway, just to annoy them if they were tuned in, I said that I hated Obama, then immediately had to check myself. Because that statement just isn’t true.

I don’t hate Obama. I actually don’t know if I hate anyone. It’s such a strong word that gets overused just as much as “love” does these days.

But realizing that didn’t make it any easier to figure out what I do feel about the president of my beloved country. Dislike, disapprove of, object to: None of them seemed to capture my opinion.

The best I can come up with is that he exhausts me.

Obama’s steadfast commitment to what’s wrong is draining. His arrogant refusal to consider any other opinion is wearisome. And his campaign to revise American values is downright bewildering.

I don’t understand being so hateful. So spiteful.  So vindictive, as he seems to be. It boggles my mind how willing he is to jeopardize an entire nation just to prove a point, whatever that is.

He says he cares about the poor and then goes off on one expensive golf trip after another.

He claims he cares about the environment after flying in Air Force One to attend a rally he could have video-conferenced in for.

He took an oath to protect the American people but opens our borders to terrorists, drug dealers and other foreigners who would use us for our resources but give little to nothing back.

And then he laughs in all of our faces when we tell him we deserve better.

Do I hate how he acts? Yes. But as for the man himself?

Honestly? Sometimes I want to just go to sleep and not wake up again until next January when he’s gone from office.

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