Friday, April 29, 2016

Pro-Trump Republicans are Just Taking Tips From Liberals

Reports out today show there were arrests made at a Donald Trump rally yesterday. And it wasn't his supporters making the fuss. It was liberal protesters.

According to Yahoo, the small mob threw a brick through a police car window and blocked traffic, leading to 20 arrests. None of which is any big surprise.

After all, liberals have been outspoken about their demands for a while now. Whether the issue at stake is gay rights, abortion or promoting a PC culture where Jesus and the American flag are banned from public places, they’re quick to express their beliefs.

Liberals are unashamed of their stances, and their corresponding words and behavior.

Kinda like Trump, when you think about it.

He's loud and willing to fight dirty, and he'll skew facts to fit his agenda, making no apologies about any of it. The biggest difference is that Trump supporters aren’t throwing bricks through police car windows, blocking traffic and getting arrested.

While that could happen too if they keep taking pages out of the liberal playbook, for the time being, they’re just frustrated, vocal and reveling in the idea of someone actually representing them.

I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: The vast majority of Republican politicians – particularly those in powerful positions – have bowed to their Democrat opposition for decades now. They’re much more interested in being well-padded in the pocket and well-represented in the media, both of which require liberal leanings.

And so lean they do, subtly and no-so-subtly bullying constituents to do the same.

They tell us to keep our opinions about global warming to ourselves even while the mid-East Coast feels like early March in late April. They instruct us to be nicer to illegal immigrants even while those people drain our national funds and add to our crime levels. And they implore us to pipe down about the national debt already.

All so that we don’t embarrass them.

The end result is that they're getting their wish in a twisted kind of way. They want us to look and sound like liberals? Well, that's what Donald Trump supporters are doing. Only they're doing it with Republican principles.

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