Thursday, April 28, 2016

Somebody Needs to Tell Ted Cruz That This Is Getting Embarrassing

Somebody needs to tell Ted Cruz that this is getting embarrassing.

I understand Hail Mary passes and longshots and the thrill of the underdog and all that. But I’m pretty sure it’s now mathematically impossible for him to fairly win the Republican presidential nomination… which makes it high time to bow out while he still gracefully can.

Instead, what does he do? He picks a vice presidential running mate.

Like that’s going to help.

I’m not saying any of this as a Donald Trump groupie. I don’t want him as president. I’m not even entirely sure I’ll be voting for president come this fall. I’m vacillating like crazy.

I’m saying it as one of the apparent few in the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island who voted for Ted Cruz on Tuesday. I wanted him to win.

But he didn’t.

Let’s face it. We have elections for a reason. There’s a process put in place for a purpose… and that’s to guarantee – as much as possible – that America gets what America wants.

And if America wants Donald Trump, then I’m not going to be thrilled, but so be it.

On the plus side, I doubt he can be worse than Obama.

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