Monday, May 30, 2016

How Long Could We Celebrate Memorial Day With Hillary Clinton as President?

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you enjoy your all-American cookouts and freedom of speech to converse openly with family and friends.

Just a reminder: This holiday was created to celebrate the soldiers who died protecting those abilities…

Just a warning: It might not last much longer. Not if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

Think I’m being a bit melodramatic? I wish. But the truth is she’s promising to endanger our American borders, which were bought, paid and protected by spilled American blood.

Breitbart wrote up a whole entire article about it this month, corroborated by Hillary’s own words and website. Here are just a few of the things she’s been pledging:

·         Full-out amnesty within 100 days – Dictated from the president’s office, ignoring the proper legal channels to pass such measures and, of course, using taxpayer money to do so, Hillary Clinton wants to give citizenship to foreigners who obviously have no real respect for our laws.
·         No more deportations of illegal immigrants – With the supposed exception of violent criminals or terrorists, this means that, theoretically, they’ll only be draining us dry financially and culturally. Whoopie!
·         Ignore securing the border – As Hillary said back in March, “We [already] have a secure border. There’s no need for this rhetoric and demagoguery that still is carried out on the Republican side. You’ve run out of excuses.” Yeah, you silly Republicans, why do you keep on bringing up all of those drunk driving fatalities, rapes and murders of U.S. citizens by illegal immigrants. And quit yapping about the terrorist threat. France is doing fine with all of its immigrants, right?
·         No more illegal immigrant detention centers – These will no doubt be replaced by welcoming committees with goodie bags chock full of instant government handouts and Democrat voter registration cards.
·         Obamacare for all in this country – As her website states, this is “regardless of citizenship status.”
·         More Syrian refugees – Because Muslim-minded migrants are always so good about accepting their host nation’s culture.

I’m sorry to go all political on a holiday created to commemorate fallen American soldiers of all stars and stripes. But I think it’s high time this country starts really thinking about its freedoms and how it’s come to enjoy them.

What Hillary Clinton is proposing is not only no kind of gratitude to those men and women who gave their life to protect us in the past… It’s also no guarantee we’ll have much to protect going forward.

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