Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I Just Watched 3 Minutes and 22 Seconds of Men Spanking Women

If you want to watch something really disturbing, check out this video, a compilation of scripted men spanking grown women on screen in a number of Hollywood films “from the early days of cinema up through the 1960s,” according to feminist publication Jezebel.

Now, I don’t like Jezebel. It says something about a group when it names itself after a murderous egomaniac who was so wicked she had a prophecy of doom tailored to her. For that matter, the Jezebel recorded in the Bible wasn’t an advocate of equal rights; she was a tyrant who both ruled her husband and yelled at him for being a spineless baby.

Which he was. But still. Make up your mind, woman. You can’t have it both ways.

Considering all that, I guess it makes sense that modern feminists would adopt her as an icon.

With all that said, after watching the 3-minute and 22-second spanking video, I’ve got to say that Jezebel did a great job this time of highlighting deplorable examples of negative attitudes toward women. I’m seriously creeped out beyond belief after watching the whole thing.

However, I’m going to analyze it from a different perspective than the publication. (Honestly, after reading the entire article, I’m not even sure what the publication’s perspective is.)

My conclusion is that Hollywood has a long history of keeping women in line, one that it’s kept up long after 1960.

In the disturbing list of movies Jezebel lists that show “wily women” being “rendered the children of the men who loved them,” attractive females were physically abused to keep them kowtowing to men’s desires. Today, while that style of physical abuse may be frowned upon, women are now being sexually exploited for the same end goal.

We still have the “wily women” portrayed onscreen. They’re even encouraged to be that way, scripted to give lip service to female independence. Yet they do this while embodying a close-minded ideal of beauty and wearing outfits – or not wearing outfits – specifically tailored to make men go “I’d like to bend her over.”

How many women truly feel lastingly liberated by exposing themselves to everyman’s ogling eyes? Because that’s what Hollywood is doing today: stripping females down and holding them out there like chattel for the public to bid on.

To some degree, those old-school spankings – which I maintain were utterly cringe-worthy – were tame compared to what movies are doing to women today. Our bottoms might be less sore, but now we’re at an extremely higher risk of unwanted pregnancies, STDs and low self-esteem, all because Hollywood has gone from telling us that our docility is our most important asset to preaching that our sexuality is what makes us valuable.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Hollywood just shut up already and let women make up their own minds?

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