Friday, May 27, 2016

The Lesson I Learned From Maryland: It’s Easier to Be Illegal

I got a notice from the Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection yesterday, which made me realize that being illegal in this country is so much easier than being a law-abiding citizen.

There actually is a logical connection between the two. Bear with me.

Despite living in the state of Maryland, I bought a used car from Pennsylvania two months ago because I knew and trusted the dealer, and he had something I could afford.

Little did I know the hassle awaiting me when I returned back home.

Admittedly, some of it wasn’t Maryland’s fault, like the check engine light coming on not once but twice, forcing me to go back to Pennsylvania not once but twice to get it repaired.

But the fact that I failed inspection because of Maryland’s rigorous “safety” demands? Yeah, I blame that all on the “old line state.”

The same goes for the two whole days I had to take off of work, the three hours I wasted at the MVA and the $700 total I had to spend getting approved to simultaneously live and work here.

$700! That’s insane!

So when I then got a “Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection Notice” in the mail telling me that I have until July 27 to comply with “Maryland law” – which will cost me more time and money – I wasn’t thrilled.

First off, why wasn’t this covered in my state inspection?

And secondly, one very large part of this normally law-abiding citizen is thinking about how easily she could have gotten away with leaving her old Pennsylvania plates on her newish car.

If I got pulled over, so what? I can’t imagine the fine would have been $700. I’m going with $300 max. Which means I could have gotten pulled over yet again and STILL not have paid the same amount I did to go the good girl route.

But isn’t that a large part of what’s wrong with America today? How profitable it is to be illegal?

Thanks to various government programs, illegality comes with food stamps, discounted housing and even tax refunds, as IRS Commissioner Koskinen flat-out admitted last year.

Not pay taxes but get tax refunds? Where do I sign up?

Except, of course, that kind of perk is just for people who don’t obey the law. Which, honestly, is looking more and more tempting.

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