Monday, June 6, 2016

Cosmopolitan: Harambe the Gorilla’s Death Proves America Is Racist

That little boy who got that gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo was black. I just learned that.

I assumed he was a little white boy. Maybe that’s racist.

But do you know what’s definitely racist? Cosmopolitan playing the race card on this story.

In an article entitled “The Conversation About Harambe Has Racist Undertones We Can't Ignore,” the pointless magazine complains that people are calling for the black mother to be arrested – or even killed – but didn’t do the same for a white mother after her two-year-old fell into the cheetah enclosure at the Cleveland Zoo a few years back.

Okay. That’s a valid argument. If you want to compare apples to skyscrapers.

You see, no cheetahs were harmed in the Cleveland Zoo incident. If they had been, that white mother would have received the same treatment the black mother at the Cincinnati Zoo has.

Think about Cecil the Lion. The hunter who shot him was a white man, and he got weeks and weeks of death threats until he had to go into hiding.

But Cosmopolitan is an arm of the media, and the media likes running its own stories for its own purposes, whether that’s bottom-line profits or political agendas. Hence the reason why I found Yahoo commenter C.L.E.’s response to the article so interesting:

“I am black and until the other day I assumed this was a white family. I felt bad for the animal when I thought it was a white kid. I feel bad for the animal now that I know it was a black kid. She (the mom) is being demonized because people in this country care more about animals than people: not because she is black. Now you could have written quite an article on that topic, with plenty of references. Everything is called racist. That way, when racism really occurs (which is often enough), no one believes it.

What a thought-provoking line there: “When racism really occurs (which is often enough), no one believes it.”

Racism like the liberal machine using blacks to further its agenda? Like how it tells them they can’t amount to anything without its help? Like how it keeps inner cities dominated by black people dependent on government charity to keep them voting the party line?

Like how poverty in the African-American community is so much more prevalent than in the Caucasian-American community despite years and years of government “help?”

Like that kind of racism?

Because if that’s the kind C.L.E. means, then I completely agree there’s a cover-up going on. And Cosmopolitan is clearly working with the worst of them to keep things hush-hush.

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