Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Do Your Government a Favor and Kill Yourself

When I first saw previews to Me Before You, I pegged it as Nicholas Sparks’ type of tear-jerker.

Since that’s not my cup of tea, I forgot all about it until a respected friend posted a call to boycott the movie. Her stated rationale was that she has friends with disabilities who are more than worthwhile human beings. Moreover, she included a link to LifeSiteNews.com, which featured the headline: “Boycott ‘Me Before You’ movie: ‘Disability death porn’ (PETITION).”

Now that’s attention-grabbing!

So I clicked on the link to learn more about the movie. Here’s what it said:

“‘Disability death porn.’ That’s what disability rights advocates and anti-euthanasia activists are labeling the new Hollywood ‘romance’ film Me Before You, which they are condemning for sending the insidious message that people with disabilities are better off dead.

“The film, which is being released on June 3, sympathetically tells the story of a rich, handsome and intelligent young man named Will who, after becoming a quadriplegic through an accident, decides to kill himself in a Swiss suicide clinic. Despite the efforts of his beautiful new girlfriend to renew in him a zest for life, he goes through with the suicide, and receives the help of family and friends to do so.

“His suicide is portrayed as an act of love and selflessness.”

If that review is accurate, then that’s one of the biggest loads of ridiculousness I’ve ever heard.

I’m not going to attack the doctor-assisted suicide movement from a Christian worldview, nor a humanitarian or diversity perspective. I’m going right for the political platform…

Obamacare is now a thing. And unless Donald Trump is elected president (a definite possibility) and keeps his campaign promise to repeal it (a long-shot), Obamacare is here to stay.

Now, what does Obamacare involve? The government pays people’s healthcare, whether it’s for regular check-ups, cancer treatments or assistance for quadriplegics.

All of which costs money. A lot of it.

And let’s get real. The government doesn’t actually care about people. If it did, there’d be far more success stories coming out of the national and international welfare checks it doles out.

Instead, high-level government workers keep getting richer and richer, as do their prized contacts in other governments, the media and higher education.

So Obamacare – like most other government programs – is meant to take money from the people… and keep it. And the best way for it to do that is for people not to get sick.

Since that’s an impossible expectation, the solution is to get sick people to not ask for help. Therefore, encouraging them to kill themselves is the perfect solution: Dead men ask nothing of their government.

But this is Hollywood producing Me Before You, not the government, you might argue.

My response? Please tell me you’re not that naïve.

Hollywood, like most other big-media outlets, is an arm of the liberal agenda. That’s why conservatives are routinely attacked, mocked or flat-out ignored in most Hollywood productions.

Rampant sexuality is promoted, Christians are made to look like arrogant hypocrites or dweeby simpletons, and Republicans are portrayed as downright evil. So helping the government out once again by encouraging sick people to kill themselves is no big deal.

The fact is, if you’re healthy and pro-party, the government can use you. If you’re not, it can’t.

And that’s the reason why Me Before You is encouraging doctor-assisted suicide. Because suicide is “as an act of love and selflessness,” just not for yourself or your loved ones.

It’s the total act of commitment to your greedy, abusive, self-absorbed government… which just isn’t a love story I want to support.

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