Friday, June 24, 2016

Great Britain Brexits the European Union!

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check on the Brexit vote.

The second, after seeing that Great Britain had elected to leave the European Union, was to check the markets on Yahoo! Finance.

Not surprisingly, the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures were not happy with the decision.

But what really grabbed my attention was the headline “How Trump benefits from Brexit.” I figured he had sunk some serious money into shorting the euro or the pound or something, rather like George Soros did back in 1992.

Don’t ask me why in the world I would expect such logical commentary from such an impudent media. Maybe hope springs eternal?

Clearly, stupidity does considering the first paragraph I found when I clicked on the article:

“UK voters shocked just about everyone when they voted Thursday to leave the European Union. The Brexit shows the weakness not only of the EU and globalization – but also of polling. And doesn’t Donald Trump love that!”

Oh. My. Word. Is this writer for real?

That’s not news, people. That’s not journalism. That’s blogging. This writer and I should seriously switch jobs, because he’s much better at throwing emotion around to back his beliefs than producing mature, unbiased, worthwhile copy.

For that matter, he also doesn’t know how to support his own argument since he goes on to say that the Brexit vote “really was a rejection of the British establishment by the voters, with a great deal of voting falling along class lines. There are many exceptions, but generally Brexit voters tended to be working class while the ‘stay’ crowd was more upper-crusty.

“What does this mean for the US? Not much directly – our trade with Britain is less than 1% of GDP, except that it suggests nativism, populism and me-firstism have a great deal of traction.

“This bodes well for Donald Trump.”

I have a number of purely logical issues with those statements, but let’s just focus on the sheer elitism they display…

So poor people voted to leave and the rich voted to stay. But poor people are the selfish ones to determine that they’ve suffered enough under decades of European Union upper-class snobbery?

What about the rich? Aren’t they protecting their own interests? Aren’t they just as indicative of “me-firstism” – as this writer so ineloquently puts it – for wanting to keep a status-quo that supports them and their well-padded lifestyles?

Don’t poor people matter too?

Personally, I’m proud of Great Britain. It’s going to have a really hard time in the short-term, but the European Union is not, will not be and never was sustainable. It was a foolish idea to begin with and can only cause further pain down the road.

So bravo to Britain for its Brexit.

I’ve never been more impressed with them than I am right now.

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