Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ridiculous Maryland Emissions Regulations Aren’t Doing the Environment Any Good

After a weeks-long hassle of getting my Pennsylvania-bought car properly registered in the state of Maryland – which incidentally cost me $700 – I got a notice from the Maryland Vehicle Administration, or MVA.

Apparently, “Maryland law requires that [my vehicle] be tested for emissions between now and July 27, 2016.”

Why? Because Maryland cares about the environment.

Now, I already got my car inspected. It passed with flying colors… the second time… after it failed the first time due to some nitpicky Maryland-only regulation that made me choose between driving back to Pennsylvania to spend $200 or staying put and spending $800.

Guess which one I went for.

That right there was an extra seven gallons of gas worth of toxic fumes that I emitted into poor mother nature’s atmosphere, all because of the supposedly Earth-conscious and caring legislators down in Annapolis.

And now, because they don’t allow privately owned state-inspection-licensed facilities to run emissions tests, I have to go out of my way again – upping local CO2 levels as I go – to comply with Maryland regulations.

So basically, the MVA wants to save the environment by making drivers make pointless trips to inspect their gas emissions.

Maryland legislators are either the dumbest people on the planet or they’re just really interested in taking my money and wasting my time.

I wish I could believe it was the former.

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