Friday, June 10, 2016

What’s the Big Deal About Rape?

Everyone is condemning the father of the Stanford student who was just convicted of rape-related charges.

Upset about his son’s six-month jail sentence and permanent placement on the sex offenders’ list, Dan Turner posted his outrage that “20 minutes of action” would haunt lil’ Brock Allen for the rest of his life.

“20 minutes of action.” That’s what he called picking up an unconscious co-ed, carrying her outside to behind a dumpster, removing her clothing, and fingering and humping her.

“20 minutes of action.”

This has left the U.S. in a state of outrage over how anyone could classify rape so callously.

Well, peeps? Newsflash. According to Western society’s own logic, Dan Turner’s got a point.

We’ve been told for quite a while now that sex isn’t a big deal. That message is in our movies. It’s in our music. It’s in our streets (SlutWalks, anyone?). And yes, it’s on our campuses.

You think Stanford and all these other schools that have been getting into trouble for being too “rapey” don’t know what their students are doing in those frat houses and dorm rooms?

Of course they do! They encourage it. Because the more “fun” kids have on campus, the higher student enrollment will be and the bigger their paychecks.

Plus, students who are high on sex, drugs and alcohol aren’t going to protest the poor education they’re getting from professors who push propaganda instead of teaching critical thinking skills. So they’re more than happy for kids to buy the lie that sex is simply good old-fashioned fun.

Just boys being boys and girls being girls.

By that rationale, sex is like finding $100 on the street: It’s a prize worth grabbing and it might be the highlight of your week, but it isn’t like you struck it rich or anything.

Yet it’s impossible to say sex isn’t a big deal without at least heavily implying that stealing sex – i.e. rape – isn’t either.  

I mean, Brock Allen Turner didn’t beat up the girl. She’s not permanently disabled or anything. She was unconscious: didn’t even know what was going on while it was going on.

So, according to the “no big deal” sex theory, he basically stole $100 from her. In which case, he should have to pay her back and do some community service, then get on with life.

But it’s not even close to being that simple, is it? Then again, sex never is.

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