Friday, July 1, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Fellow Liberals in Silicon Valley

I’ve always found it fascinating how liberal Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites are.

Everyone knows it’s miserable to be a conservative in those West Coast bastions of buku bucks. The best way to get ahead is to tout platitudes about the 99% and fighting global warming.

Yet everyone also knows that Hollywood and Silicon Valley host some of America – and the world’s – most wealthy people who use up insane amounts of electricity to power their production and products.

Perhaps not everyone puts two and two together to equal hypocrite. But regardless, the answer is right there staring them in the face whenever they’re ready to open their eyes.

Which seems like just happened, actually, and to one of the least likely liberal candidates ever.

That’d be Elizabeth Warren, the woman who was outed a few years back for not being Native American despite using her supposed sliver of a heritage to get scholarship perks and political favors. She’s also the one who famously said “You didn’t build that” to companies who were protesting higher taxes.

Basically, she’s the quintessential liberal. So it’s amazing that she’s attacking some of her own. Yet for whatever reason, she is, comparing Silicon Valley to big banks that became economy-upholding monstrosities.

You know: the whole “too big to fail” deal.

The “idea of ‘too big to fail’ in the financial sector gets a lot of attention,” CNN says Warren told New America, a public-policy think tank in D.C. “But the problem isn’t unique to the financial sector. It’s hiding in plain sight all across the American economy.”

According to her, that means large corporations like Walmart and CVS, and Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple and Amazon – the latter of which utilize what she deems to be anticompetitive business tactics.

Admittedly, some of her examples are ludicrous (really, what do you expect from someone with her track record?), including how Google’s internet search engine is much more likely to show Google-related results than those of its rivals.

If you’ll allow me a moment to stoop to her intellectual level: Ummmmm… No duh.

Companies don’t usually do well if they constantly tell customers to check out the competition.

With that said, Elizabeth Warren’s particular brand of liberal logic aside, it’s probably not a bad thing for these Silicon Valley hypocrites to be called out on the carpet they’re normally so smug about receiving favor on.

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