Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice’s Turn: Another Terrorist Attack Hits France

Once again, the sane, feeling world grieves with France after it was hit by yet another terrorist attack.

This time, the main weapon was a truck used to mow down people in the city of Nice as they gathered to watch fireworks for Bastille Day, a French holiday akin to America’s Fourth of July.

According to Fox News, there were two Americans who died in the attack. And since children love fireworks as much as adults, there were little ones in the crowd too, more than 10 of whom lost their lives in this intentional, vicious display of bigotry and us-vs-them mentality on steroids.

Yeah, I’m drawing a parallel. And no, it’s not unwarranted. Not after Dallas. Not at all.

So far, at least 84 are dead, with countless more injured, traumatized and grieving.

84 people dead because someone believed a bunch of carefully constructed lies about past prejudices and continuing causes and what lives matter and what don’t.

You’d think we’d get a clue considering how much of this has been going around.

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