Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#NoLivesMatter to Power-Hungry Politicians and Self-Righteous Prigs

40-year-old Doreen Scofield is mourning today.
She’s been mourning since Sunday, when her son was murdered in Baltimore.

Jermaine Scofield left behind a 5-year-old daughter and a girlfriend too. Not that any of them matter to power-hungry politicians, an agenda-driven media or a gullible population composed of self-righteous prigs. Not when he was just a black man shot by another black man.

If he only would have been killed by a white man or a cop, that’d be different. But he wasn’t.

So far this year, 147 people were killed in Baltimore. According to The Baltimore Sun, Jermaine “was among four shot – three of them fatally – in a violent six hours in the city” on Sunday alone. Two people were also stabbed to death over the weekend, including a 59-year-old white woman.

She doesn’t matter either, by the way. Not when she was just a white woman. And she still wouldn’t have mattered if she was killed by a white man or a cop.

Like Jermaine Scofield, her corpse just isn’t a useful prop.

Basically, what it comes down to is that their deaths don’t give politicians any stump speeches to gain polling points or press some callous, calculated narrative.

They also don’t give cowardly black people another excuse to blame others instead of fighting the cultural slavery they’ve accepted. Nor do they give self-absorbed white people another opportunity to ignore their own sins by condemning others.

All of which means, of course, that these politicians and cowards and self-righteous prigs don’t care about black men killed by white men or cops either. Not really. Not when they’re so quick to pick and choose who to mourn and who to shrug off based on skin color and circumstances.

If blacks and whites would set aside their self-serving perspectives for just one minute, they’d see the real enemy… and how #NoLivesMatter when power-hungry politicians get involved.

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