Friday, July 29, 2016

People Don’t Seem to Like Hillary Clinton Very Much

Things aren’t going well for the possible rapist, definitely womanizing scumbag’s wife, a.k.a. Hillary Clinton.

I can’t imagine why. I mean, this is possibly the first female president of the United States that we’re talking about. Why aren’t people excited?

Well, if you ask some, like vendors in Philadelphia trying to sell political memorabilia, you might hear that she’s too well known. She’s not a shiny penny. (Or something lame like that.)

Others are a little more realistic in their analysis. They don’t like her because she’s an elitist, fascist pig who’s willing to lock people in or out of her convention just so she looks good on TV.

That’s how Rania Khalek seemed to feel when she tweeted: “The DNC is preventing a planned walkout by some during Clinton’s speech by locking ppl in the #DemConvention.”

Indeed, the DNC itself seemed to announce as much, though admittedly without admitting it was trying to save Hillary’s face.

And then there are the hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters, who hate Hill – flat-out loathe, really – because she stole the election from their guy. Which, thanks to WikiLeaks, we know she did.

As of Thursday night, they were out there protesting outside the Democratic National Convention, so mad they were willing to rough up someone wearing Hillary Clinton gear.

That someone just happened to be Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, who went into the crowd pretending to be “with her” (Hillary’s idiotic slogan).

O’Keefe recorded the whole thing, of course. And he was hysterical.

The Bernie fans though? Not so much.

They were intense, like the black man who said he was walking “away from the Democratic party” because he was tired of “suffering” under the control of “political mob bosses.”

They were furious, like the older white man who first asked whether Hillary Clinton would “like a knife up her *ss,” and then proceeded to call her a “b*tch” and the C-word.

And they were tragic, like the man who asked, “Tell me three reasons why I, a black man, should vote for Hillary?” He went on to shout that he could care less about the glass ceiling: that what he was concerned about was putting food on his family’s table.

I can’t call any of that hysterical. I can, however, call the DNC a DNR this week…

Do not resuscitate. ‘Cause Hillary Clinton for president is looking pretty hopeless.

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