Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Police Walk Off Job at Minnesota Lynx Game… And Good for Them!

Yesterday, Yahoo published an opinion piece condemning four privately-contracted Minneapolis police officers for walking off the job at a Minnesota Lynx basketball game after players walked out wearing shirts supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

I can’t call it a news article because it wasn’t one. Not when it immediately proclaimed:

“The Minneapolis Police Department’s motto is ‘To Protect With Courage, To Serve with Compassion.’

“Except when it comes to Saturday night’s Minnesota Lynx game at the city’s Target Center, it seems.”

Way to be one of those self-righteous prigs I wrote about yesterday, Yahoo. Like the rest of the mainstream media, you have blood on your hands. Not that you care.

Now, the front of the Lynxes’ black shirts read in large white letters “CHANGE STARTS WITH US” followed by a smaller print that reads “JUSTICE & ACCOUNTABILITY.”

On the back, they read:


And they included the Dallas Police Department’s emblem between the second and third lines.

According to Yahoo, that was “in honor of the five officers killed by a rogue sniper during a rally protesting the shooting deaths of Castile and Sterling. Lynx players also denounced the ‘senseless ambush’ of the five fallen officers, according to the Star Tribune, and praised Dallas police for their efforts against the unnecessary use of deadly force in recent years.”

That may all be true. But it’s not even close to being good enough.

It’s not good enough when we value criminals’ lives over cops’.

It’s not good enough when we automatically assume cops are guilty instead of doing due diligence.

And it’s not good enough when we treat them like dirt while still expecting them to protect us.

That Dallas Police Department emblem in between all those big, bold words screaming that police are racist, power-hungry monsters? It’s not even close to being good enough.

Which is exactly why those four Minneapolis police officers were entirely justified and even courageous for walking off and refusing to work for the Lynx again.

It’s about time people started sticking up for the police, even if it’s just themselves.

Speaking of sticking up for themselves, the opposing basketball team should have walked off the court too. Because it was the Dallas Wings.

Great job, Minnesota Lynx. Way to be inexcusably blind, deaf and dumb.

And people wonder why this nation is such a mess.

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