Friday, July 8, 2016

This Isn’t Helping, People

There was a shooting down in Dallas, Texas, last night during a Black Lives Matter protest against the highly publicized series of black men dying by cop.

Whether Black Lives Matter had anything to do with it or not, I don't know. They're delusional at best and hateful at worst; but there are plenty of people of all colors who push verbal, mental and emotional hatred without letting those negatives transform into physical violence.

At this point, I'm not even willing to say it was black people who did the shooting. It could have been self-righteous whites (judging by some of the comments on the Yahoo article I read). Or another terrorist attack by Muslims. Who knows.

What’s obvious is that we have a racial problem in the U.S. And not in the way liberals say.

Yes, there were two more cases of cops shooting black men this week, one in Minnesota and one in New York City.

In the first one, the officer seemed to be in the wrong (though considering how much the media lies, I’m not willing to publish a firm conclusion here). In the second case, it was road rage, with the black man getting out of his car, reaching through an off-duty cop's open window and punching him in the head until the victim pulled out his gun and shot the perp.

Lumping the two together does nothing for the allegedly blameless Minnesota man. Nothing.

Neither does championing the likes of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland; Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; or any of the other moronic lowlifes who GOT THEMSELVES in trouble with the law and ended up dead because of it.

That means pompous 1%-er CEOs in Silicon Valley aren’t doing anyone any favors by telling their black employees they can “call in black any day” because some black men they never heard of got shot.

So far, the liberal outrage has done nothing more than create more chaos. Forget what just happened down in Dallas if you're too hyped up on media-induced sanctimoniousness. But here in Baltimore, police numbers have dropped significantly and murder rates have soared.

And as I’ve said before, it ain't really white people who are suffering that statistical change. It’s black, inner-city Baltimoreans who are dying - including children – because we’ve made cops afraid to do their jobs.

So liberals, media, blacks, whites and everyone else out there, please stop lumping all black men together. They’re individuals, not some stump speech for you to exploit for your own holier-than-thou benefit.

Get a life already. Before more people have to lose theirs.

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  1. Looks like it wasn't white people or terrorists, just a group of hateful black men deciding that all cops look alike.