Tuesday, July 19, 2016

With Each Terrorist Attack, the West Is Turning More Into Third-World Countries

Here in the U.S., we’ve had three terrorist attacks in about a month.

It started with the Muslim extremist who opened fire on that gay Orlando nightclub, followed by the #BlackLivesMatter-instigated shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead and the same kind of targeted attack on cops down in Baton Rouge.

All of them were done by American citizens.

Other countries are actually warning their people about visiting us now. Understandably so.

In Europe, meanwhile, it seems even less safe. Though at least the continent can claim that it’s citizens aren’t trying to destroy their own counties. Over there, it’s all foreigners doing the dirty work.

Germany, for one, started out the year with droves of alleged migrants across cities raping and molesting women. And it just marked another milestone yesterday after an axe-wielding, Allahu Akbar-shouting, 17-year-old boarded a train and started swinging, leaving three people in critical condition and another with more minor injuries.

And then there’s France. After its third massive terrorist attack in 18 months, it’s becoming a lot less known for the Eiffel Tower, flaky pastries and snotty attitudes than blood, guts and gore.

This all begs a very basic but important question…

Since when did the once-safe, once-Christian U.S. and Europe become the tumultuous, Muslim-dominated Middle East?

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