Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Apple Snobs, Don’t Read This Unless You Want to Get Mad!

If any company deserves to get slapped with a giant tax bill, it’s Apple Inc. Which is interesting since Apple Inc. just get slapped with one really giant tax bill.

Yesterday, Daily Mail reported: “The European Commission's three-year investigation into Apple's sweetheart deal with Ireland has found it amounted to illegal state aid.

“Its damning report published today says the tech giant paid as little as 0.005% tax by funneling its non-U.S. profits through its Irish headquarters with no staff or premises then on to its $178 billion (£120bn) offshore fund.”

As a result, the European Commission is demanding tax revenue of $14.5 billion, plus interest.


So why does a staunch pro-business conservative like me think Apple deserves exactly what it’s getting? Let me break it down…

1. The first reason has nothing to do with politics. It’s just that Apple, as a company, has been run by elitist snobs for elitist snobs.

Sure, it’s gone all mainstream now. But for years, it touted the idea that you just weren’t worthwhile if you didn’t have a Mac, a message it somehow managed to take so much further than the typical advertisement tactic. If you owned a PC, you weren’t worth looking at – for more than a sneer, anyway – much less speaking to. Unless, of course, it was to argue about how superior Macs were.

Any company like that isn’t going to garner much sympathy from me about something like this.

2. Apple is Silicone Valley on steroids. It’s as liberal as can be, from management all the way down to its average worker. And liberals believe in higher taxes. In theory.

In reality, they get pretty ticked off when their profits are called into question. Hence the reason why Apple, which made 53.4 billion last year, according to that Daily Mail article, has called the figures “completely made-up” and the initial investigation “political crap.” The company is also threatening to cut jobs in Europe.

It’s amazing how liberals turn conservative when it’s their money on the line.

3. Going along with the whole liberal thing, this is Europe going after Apple. Europe: the bastion of gun control, open borders and sophistication that America is supposed to aspire to. Or so says the kind of liberal elite who run Apple.

And they wonder why that kind of fawning admiration doesn’t earn them any respect.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Stand for National Anthem of “Racist” America

San Francisco 49er’s former star quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is making his opinions very well-known these days by refusing to stand for the national anthem of the United States of America.

The Associated Press reports that he “plans to sit through the national anthem for as long as he feels is appropriate and until he sees significant progress in America – specifically when it comes to race relations.”

His exact words? “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppressed black people and people of color.”

Because, didn’t you know, America is severely racist. A few black thugs with well-established rap sheets being shot and killed by police officers of mixed races over the last four years is proof of that. Or so we’re told.

Now, admittedly, there were a few innocent men in the list of high-profile police shootings the media has fixated on. But guess what? There have been a few innocent white people who have been shot by police officers over the last four years too. And there have been a whole lot of innocent black people killed by black thugs.

They just don’t make national headlines.

What does warrant such attention is Colin Kaepernick self-righteously maligning the U.S., a country that’s allowed him the opportunity to make $740,844 in 2014 alone (a figure this little white girl would love to make). And we’re supposed to applaud him while he does. At least so says the AP, which continues on with:

“He knows he could be cut by San Francisco for this stand. Criticized, ostracized, and he’ll go it all alone if need be. The quarterback realizes he might be treated poorly in some road cities, and he’s ready for that, too, saying he’s not overly concerned about his safety, but ‘if something happens that’s only proving my point.’”

So wait a minute.

He’s not concerned about his safety? Even though the U.S. is basically just one giant KKK party? 

And if him being attacked for being sanctimonious and willfully misinformed would prove his point that America is racist, does that mean that him not being attacked will disprove it?

I’m confused.

Looks like he is too.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Transgender-Friendly Target Reports Quarterly Sales

Target announced its second quarter business results yesterday, something I’ve been looking forward to ever since April, when the department store chain declared its bathrooms open to whatever gender people identified with.

In other words, if someone born with and still in possession of a penis wants to use the lady’s room, he’s more than welcome to do so at Target.

That didn’t go over well with a lot of people, including fans of the Christian American Family Association, which quickly called for a boycott.

Within a week, the nonprofit conservative had 744,800 signatures. And while some of the people who signed the pledge doubtlessly went back on their word, there were also those who didn’t add their name to the list but fully supported it anyway.

In response, Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said that while “We certainly respect there are a variety of perspectives and opinions, as a company that firmly stands behind what it means to offer our team an inclusive place to work – and our guests an inclusive place to shop – we continue to believe that this is the right thing for Target.”

Now, in a free-market economy, it had every right to say that, just like consumers had every right to shop somewhere else.

As a result, I was extremely interested to see what would come of the situation and freely admit I stalked Yahoo! Finance this week, waiting for the results.

And as of yesterday, the results were officially in. Kind of.

My first clue that things were a bit off was The Wall Street Journal’s headline on Monday: “Target’s grocery business being spoiled by fewer shoppers,” which heralded the company having “a problem in its grocery aisles.” Just the grocery aisles though.

Wall Street Journal or not, that sure seemed like the calculated set-up to an excuse.

So did yesterday’s AP article on Yahoo yesterday after Target announced a 2.2% drop in in-store shoppers – the first time in a year and a half it’s seen a decline in footfall – and a 10% drop in income profit in the second quarter, as well as a slash to its profit forecast

The AP was quick to say that, Customer traffic fell for the first time in a year and a half as Target struggled to get its grocery offerings right and shoppers looking for deals on essentials like detergent were turned off. Other issues, both company-specific and industrywide, ranged from a lack of new electronics for sale and lingering disruptions caused by the sale last year of its pharmacy business to CVS.

But Target’s woes have nothing to do with the “noise surrounding its inclusive bathroom policy,” CNBC assured based on CFO Cathy Smith’s assertion of the same.

Presumably therefore, neither does Target’s announcement on Wednesday that it will be investing $20 million into insuring each of its stores has a single-stall bathroom by next March.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Is So Very Irritating About All the Anti-Trump Rhetoric

I just got to listen to my co-workers trash talk Trump and Trump supporters, something they do a lot and something that really irritates me.

It isn’t like I’m a die-hard Trump supporter myself. He was never my least favorite presidential candidate, but he also wasn’t my first, second, third, fourth or fifth pick either (or sixth).

My issue with the kind of blanket statements I hear hard-core liberals, moderate Democrats and sycophantic Republicans make on the subject is how hypocritically bigoted they are.

For one thing, reviling Trump supporters for being racist, sexist, homophobic, uneducated and low-class is stereotyping, pure and simple. It’s making automatically formed statements about a very large group of people. In fact, it’s making automatically formed statements about a very large group of people based on their supposed habit of making automatically formed statements about a very large group of people.

Which makes anti-Trump rhetoric more than a little hypocritical. Wouldn’t you say?

Then there’s the case of who Trump is running against. Even if he’s as vile a figure as he’s portrayed, I never hear my coworkers or their type ever say a bad word about Hillary, despite the overwhelming amount of unflattering information available about her, including how:

·         She’s willing to lie, cheat and steal to grow her already immense wealth. Remember last year’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation, where tons of legally incriminating data hit the presses but no convictions were ever made? The Washington Post just reported this week that 96% of the charitable donations the Clintons made went right to their own organization, which, according to The New York Times has run multimillion-dollar deficits in the past “despite vast amounts of money flowing in.”

·         There’s a long list of murders, suicides, plane crashes, car accidents and other timely deaths of individuals who were inconvenient to the Clinton dynasty. That might very well have included DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was beaten up and shot dead in a nice little D.C. suburb right before the hacked DNC emails were published.

·         Hillary isn’t racist or sexist; she’s just elitist. There was nothing personal about her backing her husband to the hilt about his many “bimbo eruptions.” There was nothing bigoted about her joke in 2004 that Gandhi “ran a gas station down in St. Louis,” or the problematic comments she and her husband made when she was running against Obama, or the laugh she shared with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about “Colored People’s Time.” She just doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

So people, say whatever you want about Trump. It is a free country, after all.

Just recognize that your high horses might very well look a lot like donkeys… or, worse yet, Trojan-esque. Who knows what treachery you’re really welcoming in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Major Lack of Sportsmanship Shows at the Rio Olympic Games

The Olympics are supposed to involve the world coming together in a friendly competition, with each individual country putting forth its best athletes and celebrating whoever comes on top.

Oh, each individual country and athlete really does want to win, but regardless of whether they get the gold or not, they still play nice both before and after each event.

At least, they’re supposed to.

Personally, I wasn’t impressed with American Anthony Ervin on Friday night. After winning the gold, he celebrated by straddling the lane marker, flexing his muscles and falling into the next lane, where one of his opponents still was.

If he had done that in his own lane, more power to him. I’m all about celebrating a win, especially when it’s a U.S. win. But what Ervin did seriously smacked of gloating at other people’s losses rather than enjoying his own achievement.

Anthony Ervin could learn some tips in sportsmanship from his fellow American gold medalists on Friday, Katie Ledecky and Maya DiRado, or from Singapore’s Joseph Schooling, who beat Michael Phelps yet still reacted like a class act.

With that said, even Anthony Ervin could teach one particular group of Olympians a thing or two, and that would be those hailing from certain Muslim countries.

The Washington Times reported last week that Israeli athletes have been downright discriminated against during these games - so much so that the International Olympic Committee had to issue a reprimand at one point. So far, the drama has included:

·         Members of the Lebanese delegation physically blocking Team Israel from getting on a bus they were supposed to share to the opening ceremony
·         Egypt’s Islam El Shehaby refusing to shake his Israeli competitor’s hand after their judo bout (which he lost) even after the referee reminded him of his obligation.
·         Saudi Arabian Joud Fahmy forfeiting a first-round judo match, allegedly to avoid facing Israel’s Gili Cohen in Round 2. Saudi Arabia says she was injured during practice, but that defense only holds so much weight when this kind of thing has happened before:
o   Syrian boxer Ala Ghasoun quit an Olympic qualifying match this June because he wasn’t going to shake the hand of someone representing “a Zionist regime.”
o   Iranian Judo champion has flat-out admitted to intentionally losing matches if Israel was the next fight up.
o   Israeli soccer teams have to go into the World Cup and other such tournaments as a European-based country since so many of their fellow Middle Eastern nations won’t play them.

With that kind of behavior on full display at an event as public as the Olympics, it seems logical to conclude that world peace – or even basic levels of global tolerance – are a long ways away.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Black Lives Matter Targets Whites After Cop Shoots Black Man in Milwaukee

Over the weekend, a cop fatally shot a black criminal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This time, the perp in question was 23-year-old Sylville Smith. He was pulled over for some vehicular violation, made a run for it as soon as he was pulled over and, when the police officer caught up with him, turned around with a gun in his hand.

As a result, he was shot dead.

Logic saw that coming a mile away.

Milwaukee’s Black Lives Matter movement, however, doesn’t care about logic. Its members care about race alone. So they believe the officer should have let himself be shot dead instead.

They believe that all white people are guiltier than even the most vile criminal, just as long as said vile criminal is black. Because white people and only white people have ever enslaved others, and white people and only white people have ever been racist, white people and only white people need to pay penance, while black people can do whatever they want.

According to that understanding of history and morality, it’s therefore perfectly acceptable to react to a white cop shooting a black criminal by attacking otherwise completely unrelated whites.

Video footage shows Black Lives Matter types shouting “Black power!” as they literally troll the streets for white people, even going so far as to attack cars, break windows and try to drag out drivers whenever a “white person” was perceived.

A gas station was also burned down, a second store was set ablaze, shots were fired and a reporter was thrown to the ground and punched, all to protest white privilege.

Just one problem with all the anti-white outrage

The cop who shot Smith was black.

Friday, August 12, 2016

What Is an Olympic Medal Worth These Days?

You know what?

Today being a beautiful Friday summer day and all, let’s forget about politics.

Let’s talk about something fun instead. Like the Olympics!

I love the Olympics. They’re pretty much the only time every two years that I wish I had cable. Otherwise, forget it. (Except for maybe NFL games between my Steelers and the evil Ravens. Though it’s probably better that way since I have a bad tendency of yelling at the TV.)

During the opening ceremonies, I watch all the flags I possibly can come out, cheering loudly for the U.S. and warmly welcoming Italy and the U.K. in honor of my ethnic heritage. After that, I zealously keep watch over the Olympic count to make sure the U.S. has the highest gold and overall medals.

After all, our athletes are awesome! I mean, can you imagine the work, dedication and sacrifice they put in just to qualify for the Olympics?  And with absolutely no guarantee of getting anything in return?

Now, of course, if they medal, they get a little something for their troubles. Along with national recognition and companies clamoring to pay them, the U.S. Olympic Committee awards its first, second and third-place participants with the following financial prizes:

Gold – $25,000
Silver – $15,000
Bronze – $10,000

So much for not talking about politics. I guess it’s impossible to escape them when they pervade – invade, really – every area of American life, from race to education, family, death, business, media, fitness, energy, international relationships, gender relationships… and yes, even the Olympics.

As a result, that gold medal could be worth $9,900 less after taxes.

Silver? If athletes can’t check off the right boxes, they’ll have to say bye-bye to $5,940 of it.

And bronze’s $10,000 can fall as much as $3,960.

The government just can’t encourage anyone, can it? Except, of course, itself.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Seth Rich: Another Dead Body Left in Hillary Clinton’s Power-Hungry Wake

My incredulous mom called me up last night, leading with, “Jeannette, I came across something online that I wanted your opinion about.”

That was all I needed to hear. “Yes, Hillary Clinton totally had Seth Rich killed.”

I was right. That was her question. But she didn’t take my word at face value right away. Which I understand. I mean, American politicians don’t go around offing citizens like they’re the Mafia.

That is unless they’re Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Do you know how many murders, suicides and extremely odd “accidents” have been connected to the Clintons over the years? According to Gregg Jackson’s very well-researched Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies, published in 2007, the tally included:

·         8 suicides
·         8 plane crashes
·         9 shootings
·         3 car accidents
·         1 decapitation (which was technically labeled a suicide – because, you know, unhappy people are often prone to literally take off their own heads.)
·         21 unexplained, unexpected and/or highly suspicious deaths.

Some of the deceased had dirt on the Clintons. Some were recipients or the spouses of recipients of Bill’s sexual escapades. Others were close cronies. 12 of them were bodyguards.

Now, knowing that, do you really think 2007 marked the end of that macabre list?

I’m sure murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich would love to weigh in on this debate.

Rich, whom I mentioned last week, was the 27-year-old who was shot to death in a nice D.C. neighborhood right before the DNC emails were leaked. And rather like 25-year-old Mary Caitrin Mahoney, a White House intern at the time of her death in 1997, there was no sign of robbery despite some amount of money and valuables to run away with.

Moreover, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, the guy who published the DNC data dump, strongly implied that it was none other than Rich who got him all of that incriminating evidence in the first place.

So did Hillary Clinton have Seth Rich murdered?

If she didn’t, then this – and a few other recent deaths – was one more very convenient string of suspicious deaths in an already very shady political career.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Muslim Terrorist’s Father Attends Hillary Rally – and Then Endorses Her

Remember the Muslim terrorist who shot up that gay night club in Orlando two months ago, ultimately murdering 59 people? You know, Omar Mateen?

His father, Seddique Mateen, just attended a Hillary Clinton rally yesterday. And, according to Kissimmee, Florida’s local NBC news, he thinks she’s “good for the United States.”

Again, this is NBC we’re talking about.

Not Fox News or Breitbart or Rush Limbaugh or some other Hillary-hating media source.


So if NBC is saying a Muslim terrorist’s father attended a Hillary Clinton rally, then you know it actually happened.

The same would be true if, say, CBS reported back on June 13 that: “The Orlando gay club gunman’s father has well-known anti-American views and is an ideological supporter of the Afghan Taliban.”

Which, incidentally, it did. So again, pretty trustworthy source in this instance, right?

If the answer is yes, then here’s my next question: Isn’t it kind-of problematic that someone like that is endorsing an American candidate? I mean, do we really want Hillary Clinton to lead our country when the anti-American father of a terrorist says, “Yup! That’s who I’m voting for”?

Personally, I find that disconcerting. Just not at all surprising.

Hillary Clinton is, after all, a liberal. And liberals want to change America so badly they’ll associate with whatever anti-American standard they possibly can, whether it’s European-brand socialism or Shariah-style Muslim culture.

How else do you explain how Hillary Clinton didn’t even acknowledge riflewoman American Ginny Thrasher, the first Olympian to win gold down in Rio, yet tweeted two days ago about “Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad” becoming “the first American Muslim athlete to compete while wearing a hijab.”

Let’s see… which is more American: A woman excelling at a safe and legal demonstration of her Second Amendment Rights, or covering up everything but her face while winning nothing?

There’s no contest. As I said last Friday, even the Puritans showed more skin than a hijab allows!

So yeah, a Muslim terrorist and his anti-American father picking Hillary Clinton for president?

Makes perfect sense to me. If I hated this country, I’d vote for her too.

Monday, August 8, 2016

What Do You Do When Someone Is Blatantly Racist to You?

I was the recipient of racism last week.

Yes, I know I’m white, but hear me out.

I went to dinner with four former coworkers, a white gay male in his 40s, a 32-year-old Philippine woman and a 32-year-old light-skinned African American woman, all liberal. And as usual, we got onto topics I inadvertently have to keep my mouth shut for.

I don’t think that makes me a coward. There’s just only so much breath I’m willing to waste.

My gay friend once got onto an anti-Republican rant well after he knew my political stance. So I asked him – with a teasing, intentionally friendly tone – why he was attacking my views. Yet he reacted by getting extremely defensive, completely turning the conversation around to justify his own beliefs instead of his behavior.

Besides, he’s not the most closeminded in this group. That title goes to my African American acquaintance. I can’t call her a friend when she made it clear she didn’t like me when we first met. And she’s since proved to be an utter narcissist wrapped in a professional, petite package.

Every word that comes out of her mouth has to be validated. Even if she’s assessing my emotional reaction to a purely non-political personal story I’ve shared, I need to agree with her. Otherwise, she’ll leave the table in a huff.

Knowing that, I shouldn’t have been taken aback by this next part. But I was. Big time.

I don’t remember how we got on the topic, but we started talking about racism at some point, and my AAA bursts out with this: “Yeah, white people are using the N-word. That’s a thing.”

She said it right at me with nary a blink of hesitation before or regret after: “White people.”

Who says that about an entire, diverse group of people whose only connection to each other is the skin color they were born with? And in public among mixed-race company too?

If I had made an all-inclusive “black people” comment like that, she would have been horribly offended. With good reason, too, since “black people” don’t fit into a neat little box.

The thing is neither do whites. And claiming otherwise is racist.

I just stared at my AAA when she said what she did. But my Philippine friend instantly agreed with her. Which doesn’t surprise me; she’s made her fair share of anti-white comments before.

But how do you argue with that kind of bold bigotry? Is there some way to politely point it out?

If you figure it out, please let me know. Because I have no clue whatsoever.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Thanks for Reporting the News, Yahoo!

On August 3 at 1:57, Yahoo published an article on its main page that was even stupider than its typical Kim Kardashian trash:

As Yahoo explained it, “the selection of Michael Phelps, as decided by athlete vote, is certainly a good one.” After all, he’s “the greatest Olympian of all time… synonymous with his sport… someone who has lifted swimming in an unprecedented way” and “is a legendary American.”

Yet apparently, all of that isn’t nearly so laudable as being Ibtihaj Muhammad, “the first American Olympian woman to compete in a hijab.”

Because didn’t you know that covering everything but your face is as American as apple pie?

(Come on, people. Even the Puritans showed more skin than that.)

Then the news story broke about an attack in London involving a man, a knife and six victims, one of whom died: an American. And all of a sudden, that article about Muhammad came down.

Now, at that point, nobody knew the attacker was of Middle Eastern descent. But despite the reports of the perp being a white man, everyone was wondering terrorism.

So yeah. That article came down. The thing is, nothing notable went up in its place. I found out about the London stabbings on the Drudge Report while little birdies chirped on

I kept checking Yahoo all morning on August 4 to see if it would address it, but nope. Though around 2:00, it did feature a new propaganda puff piece titled “Ibtihaj Muhammad on Trumping Hate as Muslim U.S. Olympic Star.”

As for London, still nothing. It wasn’t until about 7:30 last night that Yahoo finally featured “London Stabbing Attack Victim Identified as Wife of FSU Professor.”

Thanks for breaking the news, Yahoo!

I'm sure your Middle Eastern masters will pay you your just reward for your national infidelity.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Doesn't France Have Enough Problems to Deal With Without Donald Trump?

This week, French President Francoise Hollande upped his international feud with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

I can’t quite tell how it started, only that according to Bloomberg, “Hollande and Trump have already swapped barbs, most recently when the real-estate mogul said in the aftermath of a string of terror attacks on France that he would not visit the country because “France is no longer France” and “Hollande responded his country would stay true to its values.”

But it’s definitely continuing, with the French president essentially calling Trump “sickening.”

Personally, I wouldn’t go that far about my party’s pick. I just find him unpredictable and immature. But even if I thought he was a no-holds-barred criminal like his rival, Hillary Clinton, I’d still be focusing on my own country’s immediate problems if I was Hollande.

Like I don’t know… the fact that terrorists were murdering my people left and right? Here’s a recap of the last two years in case he’s somehow forgotten, starting with 2015:

On January 7, 2015, Muslim extremists in Paris targeted the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine that had previously mocked Islam (and everything else).

As a result, 12 people died that day: 11 Charlie Hebdo employees and one policeman.

On January 8, 2015, another policeman was shot south of Paris, this time by Muslim convert Chérif Kouachi.

The following day, January 9, 2015, Kouachi took hostages at a Jewish supermarket in the French city of Vincennes, killing four. He was eventually shot dead himself. Elsewhere, the two brothers responsible for the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack were killed as well.

On June 26, 2015, the ISIS-connected Yassine Salhi beheaded his employer before driving his van into gas cylinders in Lyon, injuring two.

On August 21, 2015, a 25-year-old Moroccan tried shooting up a train that had just crossed into France. Thanks to the heroics of certain passengers, nobody died during the attack.

On November 13, 2015, hell broke loose on Paris in the form of three suicide bombings during an international football match, followed up by shootings at bars and a music venue. The savage attacks left 129 people dead and 352 injured.

Skip ahead to June 14, 2016, where an ISIS-inspired Muslim stabbed a police officer and his partner to death in Paris.

Exactly a month later, a Muslim refugee drove a truck straight through a crowded street in Nice, murdering more than 80 people and critically injuring another 50. And then 12 days after that, a priest was murdered during mass in the French town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

So please, someone tell me… With all those terrorist attacks, how in the world does Hollande still have time to criticize Trump?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Khizr Khan’s DNC Speech Against Trump Backfires Big Time

You’ve probably heard of Khizr Khan by now.

The father of a slain American Army captain posthumously awarded the purple heart (one of 14 American Muslims who have died serving their country, as ABC15Arizona felt the need to tell us), the elder Khan spoke at Hillary’s coming out party last week.

I didn’t watch any of the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t watch any of the Republican National Convention either. I’m wholly unimpressed with either candidate, so why bother?

But even a wholly unimpressed and rather disinterested citizen like myself had to notice all the recent hoopla about Khizr Khan and Donald Trump.

The mainstream media is trying to drag Trump through the mud as usual, this time over insulting a war hero’s father. But here’s the thing – and I made sure to watch the whole video before I wrote any of this – Khan insulted Trump first.

He got up on stage with his very unsmiling, head-covered wife at the nationally broadcasted DNC and called Trump out directly and repeatedly, demanding to know whether the Republican presidential candidate had “even read the United States Constitution.”

What did he and his fellow Democrats expect to happen?

If I had to take a stab at it, I’d say they meant to cause drama in the hopes of making pro-military Republicans turn their backs on Trump. Instead, they’ve shined a spotlight on topics they’d rather leave alone.

For instance, conservatives went digging into Khizr Khan after his speech, revealing him to be a lawyer who “engages in procurement of EB5 immigration visas and other ‘Related Immigration Services’” as Breitbart put it. “The EB5 program, which helps wealthy foreigners usually from the Middle East essentially buy their way into American, is fraught with corruption.”

And it isn’t just Brietbart that thinks it’s a sketchy service. Since the news of his business affiliations broke, Khan himself has deleted his law firm’s entire website.

Interesting. Huh?

What’s also interesting is how that too oft-forgotten United States Constitution went on to become the second-best seller on Amazon thanks to Khan’s speech, another side effect I doubt he and his predicted.

But considering the outcome, my hat’s off to Khizr Khan, the DNC and Donald Trump.

Looks like good really can come out of any situation.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We’re Supposed to Like Hillary Better Because She’s Palling Around With Billionaires?

The following article claims that Hillary Clinton’s current election strategy of campaigning with billionaires Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett is smart: that it proves “Donald Trump is a bad businessman” and will drive him crazy.

Personally, I’m not so sure this is the best way for Hillary to get any real boost in the polls when everyone already thinks she’s a smug, well-connected elitist. So what that she has other smug, well-connect elitists rooting for her?

I mean, let’s face the facts. While all of us little people have largely stayed little or gotten littler during the last eight or so years of economic uncertainty, billionaires have largely stayed billionaires. And the reason why is because, unlike us, they have government connections, enough money to pay lobbyists, and/or enough money to pay tax geniuses to skirt tax laws.

Besides, let’s look at the particular personalities involved here…

While I don’t have any real dirt on Mark Cuban, I do have to question his exact approach to attacking Trump, mocking him for not being a self-made man and labeling him a “jagoff.” It makes him sound a whole lot like the very man he’s trying to rip into, name-calling and employing lame logic to supposedly prove his own egotistical opinion.

(Clearly, I’m still not a Trump fan either, but still. A spade’s a spade.)

Then there’s Warren Buffett, one of the biggest frauds to ever walk the planet.

He yaps about “the rich” paying their “fair share” of taxes, all while he uses every tax trick in the book to keep every penny he can. He and the IRS have been at odds twice so far this century, with the government claiming he owed more than $1 billion in back taxes.

Yet he fought those reparations tooth and nail since, like everyone else, he’d rather keep his money than give it to the idiot government. It’s just that he knows he can make a whole lot more money by saying otherwise.

As for Michael Bloomberg, he was mayor of New York City during Hurricane Sandy. While his constituents were struggling to find adequate food and shelter, Bloomberg was focusing his efforts on making sure the New York City Marathon was fully furnished.

So these billionaires backing Hillary Clinton does nothing for me except further prove she’s every bit the smug, well-connected elitist she’s made out to be.

I mean, you are the company you keep, right?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Two News Stories Further Justify “The Politician’s Pawn”

Once upon a time (i.e., 2008 after the last presidential elections), I wrote a novel in a fit of frustration about how arrogantly unhelpful politicians were.

The Politician’s Pawn, as it turned out to be titled, involves a U.S. senator who has no problem kidnapping people, beating up women or throwing citizens to the wolves to cover up his crimes.

Now, I definitely based parts and pieces of it off of real-life politicians and suspicious stories involving government officials. But as much as I believe most of our supposed civil servants are more than capable of stooping as low as my fictional characters, the story is still just that: a story.

In fact, I had no factual data to work with whatsoever when my main villain left protagonist Kayla Jeateski with a smeared bloody line across her right temple, a black and blue eye, and a cracked lip after she tried – and failed – to get away from him.

No factual data, that was, until I stumbled onto a news story the other day about Senator Alan Grayson’s ex-wife accusing him of decades of domestic abuse. The Washington Times reports:

“From 1994 to 2014, the Florida Democrat’s then-wife, Lolita Grayson, went to police at least four times with accusations of domestic abuse, according to documents she provided to Politico. Ms. Grayson, 56, said she sought medical attention on at least two occasions.”

In Grayson’s defense, their daughter has since called her mother an emotionally troubled liar. Yet considering how Grayson thought nothing of calling a female advisor at the Federal Reserve a “K Street whore” on public radio, it seems pretty clear that he doesn’t respect women.

And one of his excuses, as dictated by his spokesman at the time, Todd Jurkowski, seems equally indicative of a dangerously bad temper:

“Let's be clear about the context. The attack was on her professional career, not her personal life. She attacked the Congressman and his efforts to promote a Republican bill to audit the Federal Reserve. She actually questioned his understanding of the difference between fiscal and monetary policy. She had the audacity to attack a Congressman who used to be an economist. She's a career lobbyist who used to work for Enron and advocates for whatever she gets paid to promote.”

So a woman dared to disagree with him? The way the aptly-named Jurkowski put it, she’s lucky she just got called a “whore” and didn’t get bloodied and bruised, lying in some back alley…

Like Seth Rich.

Seth Rich is the Democratic National Committee staffer who was beaten, shot and killed early on July 8 in D.C. When I first saw the headline back then, I assumed he was in a bad neighborhood. But it turns out that Bloomingdale, where his body was found, is “up and coming.”

Stranger still is how the killer or killers left him with his wallet, watch and phone. And how the cops have no leads three weeks later despite a $25,000 reward for worthwhile information.

But perhaps the most suspicious detail is how he died so mysteriously right before WikiLeaks released thousands of incriminating and unflattering internal data straight from the DNC.

The pro-Democrat Heatstreet calls this train of logic a “crazy conspiracy theory,” writing:

The theory is apparently based on Julian Assange’s recent ITV appearance, where he scoffed at the idea that Russian hackers could be responsible for the data dump, and said that “anyone” within the Democrats’ organization could easily have sent Wikileaks the offending messages.

“Given that Rich as a DNC staffer presumably would have had some access to its servers, Reddit is absolutely positive Rich paid the ultimate price for exposing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC’s crusade against Bernie Sanders.”

I don’t know though… That doesn’t sound so crazy to me considering how willing Democrat leaders were to use and abuse their party members … or how lengthy the list already is of suspicious deaths the Clintons carry like Jacob Marley’s clanking chains…

My fictional Politician’s Pawn is looking pretty darn justified right about now.

More than it already was.