Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Apple Snobs, Don’t Read This Unless You Want to Get Mad!

If any company deserves to get slapped with a giant tax bill, it’s Apple Inc. Which is interesting since Apple Inc. just get slapped with one really giant tax bill.

Yesterday, Daily Mail reported: “The European Commission's three-year investigation into Apple's sweetheart deal with Ireland has found it amounted to illegal state aid.

“Its damning report published today says the tech giant paid as little as 0.005% tax by funneling its non-U.S. profits through its Irish headquarters with no staff or premises then on to its $178 billion (£120bn) offshore fund.”

As a result, the European Commission is demanding tax revenue of $14.5 billion, plus interest.


So why does a staunch pro-business conservative like me think Apple deserves exactly what it’s getting? Let me break it down…

1. The first reason has nothing to do with politics. It’s just that Apple, as a company, has been run by elitist snobs for elitist snobs.

Sure, it’s gone all mainstream now. But for years, it touted the idea that you just weren’t worthwhile if you didn’t have a Mac, a message it somehow managed to take so much further than the typical advertisement tactic. If you owned a PC, you weren’t worth looking at – for more than a sneer, anyway – much less speaking to. Unless, of course, it was to argue about how superior Macs were.

Any company like that isn’t going to garner much sympathy from me about something like this.

2. Apple is Silicone Valley on steroids. It’s as liberal as can be, from management all the way down to its average worker. And liberals believe in higher taxes. In theory.

In reality, they get pretty ticked off when their profits are called into question. Hence the reason why Apple, which made 53.4 billion last year, according to that Daily Mail article, has called the figures “completely made-up” and the initial investigation “political crap.” The company is also threatening to cut jobs in Europe.

It’s amazing how liberals turn conservative when it’s their money on the line.

3. Going along with the whole liberal thing, this is Europe going after Apple. Europe: the bastion of gun control, open borders and sophistication that America is supposed to aspire to. Or so says the kind of liberal elite who run Apple.

And they wonder why that kind of fawning admiration doesn’t earn them any respect.

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