Monday, August 15, 2016

Black Lives Matter Targets Whites After Cop Shoots Black Man in Milwaukee

Over the weekend, a cop fatally shot a black criminal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This time, the perp in question was 23-year-old Sylville Smith. He was pulled over for some vehicular violation, made a run for it as soon as he was pulled over and, when the police officer caught up with him, turned around with a gun in his hand.

As a result, he was shot dead.

Logic saw that coming a mile away.

Milwaukee’s Black Lives Matter movement, however, doesn’t care about logic. Its members care about race alone. So they believe the officer should have let himself be shot dead instead.

They believe that all white people are guiltier than even the most vile criminal, just as long as said vile criminal is black. Because white people and only white people have ever enslaved others, and white people and only white people have ever been racist, white people and only white people need to pay penance, while black people can do whatever they want.

According to that understanding of history and morality, it’s therefore perfectly acceptable to react to a white cop shooting a black criminal by attacking otherwise completely unrelated whites.

Video footage shows Black Lives Matter types shouting “Black power!” as they literally troll the streets for white people, even going so far as to attack cars, break windows and try to drag out drivers whenever a “white person” was perceived.

A gas station was also burned down, a second store was set ablaze, shots were fired and a reporter was thrown to the ground and punched, all to protest white privilege.

Just one problem with all the anti-white outrage

The cop who shot Smith was black.

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