Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Muslim Terrorist’s Father Attends Hillary Rally – and Then Endorses Her

Remember the Muslim terrorist who shot up that gay night club in Orlando two months ago, ultimately murdering 59 people? You know, Omar Mateen?

His father, Seddique Mateen, just attended a Hillary Clinton rally yesterday. And, according to Kissimmee, Florida’s local NBC news, he thinks she’s “good for the United States.”

Again, this is NBC we’re talking about.

Not Fox News or Breitbart or Rush Limbaugh or some other Hillary-hating media source.


So if NBC is saying a Muslim terrorist’s father attended a Hillary Clinton rally, then you know it actually happened.

The same would be true if, say, CBS reported back on June 13 that: “The Orlando gay club gunman’s father has well-known anti-American views and is an ideological supporter of the Afghan Taliban.”

Which, incidentally, it did. So again, pretty trustworthy source in this instance, right?

If the answer is yes, then here’s my next question: Isn’t it kind-of problematic that someone like that is endorsing an American candidate? I mean, do we really want Hillary Clinton to lead our country when the anti-American father of a terrorist says, “Yup! That’s who I’m voting for”?

Personally, I find that disconcerting. Just not at all surprising.

Hillary Clinton is, after all, a liberal. And liberals want to change America so badly they’ll associate with whatever anti-American standard they possibly can, whether it’s European-brand socialism or Shariah-style Muslim culture.

How else do you explain how Hillary Clinton didn’t even acknowledge riflewoman American Ginny Thrasher, the first Olympian to win gold down in Rio, yet tweeted two days ago about “Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad” becoming “the first American Muslim athlete to compete while wearing a hijab.”

Let’s see… which is more American: A woman excelling at a safe and legal demonstration of her Second Amendment Rights, or covering up everything but her face while winning nothing?

There’s no contest. As I said last Friday, even the Puritans showed more skin than a hijab allows!

So yeah, a Muslim terrorist and his anti-American father picking Hillary Clinton for president?

Makes perfect sense to me. If I hated this country, I’d vote for her too.

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