Friday, August 5, 2016

Thanks for Reporting the News, Yahoo!

On August 3 at 1:57, Yahoo published an article on its main page that was even stupider than its typical Kim Kardashian trash:

As Yahoo explained it, “the selection of Michael Phelps, as decided by athlete vote, is certainly a good one.” After all, he’s “the greatest Olympian of all time… synonymous with his sport… someone who has lifted swimming in an unprecedented way” and “is a legendary American.”

Yet apparently, all of that isn’t nearly so laudable as being Ibtihaj Muhammad, “the first American Olympian woman to compete in a hijab.”

Because didn’t you know that covering everything but your face is as American as apple pie?

(Come on, people. Even the Puritans showed more skin than that.)

Then the news story broke about an attack in London involving a man, a knife and six victims, one of whom died: an American. And all of a sudden, that article about Muhammad came down.

Now, at that point, nobody knew the attacker was of Middle Eastern descent. But despite the reports of the perp being a white man, everyone was wondering terrorism.

So yeah. That article came down. The thing is, nothing notable went up in its place. I found out about the London stabbings on the Drudge Report while little birdies chirped on

I kept checking Yahoo all morning on August 4 to see if it would address it, but nope. Though around 2:00, it did feature a new propaganda puff piece titled “Ibtihaj Muhammad on Trumping Hate as Muslim U.S. Olympic Star.”

As for London, still nothing. It wasn’t until about 7:30 last night that Yahoo finally featured “London Stabbing Attack Victim Identified as Wife of FSU Professor.”

Thanks for breaking the news, Yahoo!

I'm sure your Middle Eastern masters will pay you your just reward for your national infidelity.

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