Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We’re Supposed to Like Hillary Better Because She’s Palling Around With Billionaires?

The following article claims that Hillary Clinton’s current election strategy of campaigning with billionaires Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett is smart: that it proves “Donald Trump is a bad businessman” and will drive him crazy.

Personally, I’m not so sure this is the best way for Hillary to get any real boost in the polls when everyone already thinks she’s a smug, well-connected elitist. So what that she has other smug, well-connect elitists rooting for her?

I mean, let’s face the facts. While all of us little people have largely stayed little or gotten littler during the last eight or so years of economic uncertainty, billionaires have largely stayed billionaires. And the reason why is because, unlike us, they have government connections, enough money to pay lobbyists, and/or enough money to pay tax geniuses to skirt tax laws.

Besides, let’s look at the particular personalities involved here…

While I don’t have any real dirt on Mark Cuban, I do have to question his exact approach to attacking Trump, mocking him for not being a self-made man and labeling him a “jagoff.” It makes him sound a whole lot like the very man he’s trying to rip into, name-calling and employing lame logic to supposedly prove his own egotistical opinion.

(Clearly, I’m still not a Trump fan either, but still. A spade’s a spade.)

Then there’s Warren Buffett, one of the biggest frauds to ever walk the planet.

He yaps about “the rich” paying their “fair share” of taxes, all while he uses every tax trick in the book to keep every penny he can. He and the IRS have been at odds twice so far this century, with the government claiming he owed more than $1 billion in back taxes.

Yet he fought those reparations tooth and nail since, like everyone else, he’d rather keep his money than give it to the idiot government. It’s just that he knows he can make a whole lot more money by saying otherwise.

As for Michael Bloomberg, he was mayor of New York City during Hurricane Sandy. While his constituents were struggling to find adequate food and shelter, Bloomberg was focusing his efforts on making sure the New York City Marathon was fully furnished.

So these billionaires backing Hillary Clinton does nothing for me except further prove she’s every bit the smug, well-connected elitist she’s made out to be.

I mean, you are the company you keep, right?

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