Monday, September 19, 2016

New York City Marks Another Muslim-Related Act of Terror

It’s not a Muslim-related act of terror.

It’s not a Muslim-related act of terror.

That was the official report out of New York City after an explosion in Manhattan yesterday and another one in New Jersey, which bore similar enough markings to make them look connected.

And so, while the chances seemed 99 to 1 that it was a Muslim-related act of terror, I held off on writing this blog.

Yet sure enough, the Daily News is now reporting that “Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is the first person identified in connection with the incident. New York City Mayor de Blasio said Rahami is believed to be armed and dangerous.

“Rahami is a naturalized United States citizen who was born in Afghanistan, according to the FBI.”

What more is there to say? Really?

Hasn’t it all already been said?

Isn’t it obvious?

We have a problem with Muslim-related acts of terror.

And after the who-even-knowns-how-many times the United States alone has suffered under terrorist attacks in just the last eight years, anyone who doesn’t have their hands over their ears and their eyes squidged shut knows that we have a major problem here.

It’s a national tragedy that our leaders refuse to acknowledge the truth.

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