Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saudi Arabian Royalty Makes American Elites Look Like Pussycats

Who’s the most spoiled, stupid brat of an American you can think of off the top of your head?

Ariana Grande immediately comes to mind, but since she’s a media darling, let’s go with Paris Hilton instead – back in her heyday with that stupid show The Simple Life.

Now, Paris Hilton grew up with mega money and apparently didn’t hear the word no nearly enough considering what a pampered narcissist she became. That’s why:

·         In September 2006, she was arrested for drunk driving.
·         In January 2007, she was caught driving on a suspended license.
·         In February, she was caught driving on a suspended license going 70 mph in a 35-mph zone without headlights at night.
·         On May 4, she was sentenced to 45 days in jail for that string of transgressions but ended up spending two days there before being resentenced to mere home confinement, a ruling that was rescinded once again by another judge, who sent the little brat back to jail, prompting her to scream “It’s not right!” in anguished protest inside the courtroom.

And yet, even with all that pathetic-ness, Paris Hilton still has some maturity points to flaunt over the unnamed Saudi Arabian princess in France who just accused a decorator of unprofessional behavior, had her bodyguards bind and beat him, and then made him kiss her feet.

This all happened after she saw him photograph the workspace she’d hired him to trick out. Automatically assuming he was snapping pictures to sell online, the princess allegedly told her security team to “kill this dog. He doesn’t deserve to live.”

Because, as everyone knows, unprofessional behavior deserves the death penalty. That rule’s right up there with thieves get their hands lopped off and royalty gets to do whatever it wants.

This is hardly the first time Saudi royalty has behaved in an unacceptable and downright illegal manner. Last September, a Saudi Prince in California was accused of sexually assaulting a female employee; there was another royal-family-related rape accusation out in Utah; and a Saudi princess was accused of participating in a human trafficking ring back in 2013.

Those are just the ones that get publicized, of course. Plenty more get swept under the rug.

According to The Heritage Foundation’s Bret Schaefer, as quoted on Fox News, “There is no doubt there are instances of diplomats behaving badly. And the more repressive and dictatorial the government is, the more they feel like they can get away with that type of reprehensible behavior.”

That makes sense. And so does this:

Contrary to everything the liberal left likes to tell us, it seems that Americans – even spoiled, stupid American brats like Paris Hilton – aren’t the worst thing this world has to offer after all.

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