Friday, September 23, 2016

Terrorism and Riots: The United States of America’s “New Normal”

London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, was visiting his Big Apple counterpart Mayor Bill de Blasio when the New York City and New Jersey bombings were all over the news mid-month.

Between that and London experiencing its own recent terrorist attack, it makes sense that the American media wanted to ask him questions about terrorism. What doesn’t make sense is the response he gave, which was that:

Terrorist attacks are “part and parcel of life in a big city.”

In other words, get used to the new normal.

That’s a downright unacceptable response from a leader, completely lacking in compassion for the victims and doing nothing to discourage future victimizers.

It’s that kind of mismanagement – or non-management – that makes terrorism the new normal, rather like how mismanagement – or non-management or evil management – has made rioting the new normal across the United States.

Our most recent riots, of course, have been down in Charlotte, North Carolina, which had to call on the National Guard last night after two previous nights of rioting following the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man, by a police officer.

Despite said police officer being black, too, here are some of the #BlackLivesMatter-style “protests” that ensued:

·         Two people were shot, with at least one of them being shot fatally by a fellow citizen.
·         Keith Lamont Scott’s brother went on record as saying, “I just know that all white people are f*cking devils. All white cops are f*cking devils, and white people.”
·         Rioters tried to throw a presumably white news photographer into a raging fire they’d either set or were doing nothing to put out.
·         Rioters brutally assaulted a man despite his pleas for mercy.
·         Rioters kicked in apartment building windows. Because, you know, that’s a great way to stick it to the police.

So basically, what happened in Charlotte is the same stuff that happened in Milwaukee, Baltimore, Ferguson, etc. Because, again, rioting – like terrorism – is the new normal.

If that’s how our leaders want to manage or mismanage their responsibilities, then here’s a new normal I’d like to propose:


Because this new normal certainly isn’t worth funding.

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