Thursday, September 8, 2016

Toddler Gets Bitten by Other Toddler, but It’s Not His Fault?

This morning, Yahoo is featuring the story of a Florida toddler who was bitten so badly at daycare that he had to be taken to the emergency room.

The article reports that the understandably hysterical child “was covered with more than a dozen marks. His face, limbs and back were swollen and raw” after one of his peers savaged him.

The issue started last month when the daycare let the toddler’s parents know he’d been bitten.

“We weren’t upset. That happens with children,” his mother, Amanda Beebe, said, assuming the offender would be more carefully monitored going forward. But then three days later, she had to rush to the daycare to rush her son to the hospital.

Now, she’s seeking justice, something any loving parent would want to do. I’m not blaming her for that. What I am blaming her for is espousing the idiotic stance cited at the article’s end:

“She doesn't blame the other child. She blames the adults. She chose this daycare because it was one of the few she could afford, and it had cameras. They allowed her to watch a recording, but because of the angle, she couldn't see her son being bitten, only that there appeared to be no adult in the room for about 20 minutes as her son came into view, crying.”

She doesn’t blame the other child? The other child savaged her son! It was his fault, and he deserves a darn good spanking!

Moreover, he needs a darn good spanking! How is he ever going to grow into a functional adult if he doesn’t learn to respect that other people have rights, including the right to not get bitten by another human being?

Yes, there should have been an adult in the room with the children. So the daycare should be held accountable for failing miserably at its job. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to leave children unsupervised like that. But even if that’s not true, the business has an ethical obligation to its paying customers and a moral responsibility to the children it says it’s safeguarding.

There’s plenty of blame to go around. But part of that blame definitely deserves to fall on the aggressor’s toddler-sized shoulders.

Children need guidance. They need boundaries. They need discipline. They’re prone to bad and even dangerous behavior, and it’s adult’s responsibility to properly teach them that such behavior has equally negative consequences.

Otherwise, they could turn into societal terrors. Or the next worse thing to selfish, stupid Millennials.

Or maybe even daycare employees who don’t care to check on their wards.

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