Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Donald Trump Declares War on Republican Establishment That Declared War on Him

That’s not a misleading statement since Trump really did take to Twitter and elsewhere to air his poor opinion of party leadership – in his trademark… umm… expressive style – after Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he wouldn’t be campaigning for him anymore.

And while I don’t think Trump is handling this latest turn of events with dignity or poise, if anyone deserves to be Twitter-slapped at this point, it’s people like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Susan Collins and the rest of the Republican party elite who have been reigning far too long.

Please don’t mistake me. I don’t think Trump is handling this turn of events very well. His response comes across as bad-natured and immature. As to be expected.

But this kind of candidate is what we’ve come to after years of a pansy Republican establishment that’s more concerned with a pretty public image or personal power than the good of the nation.

These people have been pushing left for a while now. Moreover, they’ve been doing so in direct opposition to We the People who have voted them into office. They tell us what we want to hear during the election season, only to get up on their high horses afterward and ride off into the sunset… with the liberals.

Not even Democrats. Liberals.

Well guess what?

That’s like declaring war on those they represent. So those they represent have officially accepted the challenge by collectively electing a presidential candidate who’s willing to fight just as dirty. It’s just that Trump is willing to say everything up front and on the campaign trail instead of behind closed government doors after all the votes are in.

That’s the reason why I’m not even close to feeling bad for the GOP, an establishment that’s willing to train its guns on the pig it produced instead of the hyena lurking in the shadows salivating over its ruin and the ruin of everything it claims to represent.

I don’t condone many of Trump’s actions. But I think I’m realizing that I condone even less of the GOP’s.

These un-conservative, un-American elitists provoked a war with their own people.

As a result, this particular person isn’t going to lift a finger to help them as the war comes back on their own heads.

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