Thursday, October 6, 2016

Target Aims at College Students Since Mature-Minded Adults Don’t Like It Anymore

Thanks to its ridiculous new transgender-friendly, women- hostile bathroom policy, which sparked a storewide, long-term Christian-led boycott, any article that mentions Target is pretty much click-bait for me these days.

I want to know how the staunch liberal corporation fares sticking to its guns (of the non-literal variety, of course). So when I saw the headline “Target Goes After Millennials With Small, Focused Stores” listed on Yahoo, my finger hit my laptop’s mousepad about as fast as could be.

Hardly a long article, it describes how, “The chain is opening several smaller stores in urban areas and college towns from New York City to State College, Pa, as it battles declining traffic and sales at its nearly 1,800-strong fleet of largely suburban stores.

“Near the University of Minnesota campus, Target opened a store less than 15% the size of an average store. It stocks a limited assortment of products geared toward college students, like miniature ironing boards and twin-size sheets. Ping-pong balls are near the beer. There are no children’s toys or strollers.

“‘We could see hundreds of these,’ Chief Executive Brian Cornell said. ‘It could be a huge part of future growth outlook over time.’

“The retail chain recently reported its first decline in existing store sales in two years, and its stock has lost 13% over the past year. Mr. Cornell is trying to reinvigorate sales and better appeal to younger shoppers…”

Okaaaayyyy. Interesting, right?

Very interesting, in fact. The kind of interesting that leads to some easily answerable questions.

Like why is Target trying to shift its entire marketing strategy after a single quarter’s decline? Does it know that, contrary to the talking points it released with its second-quarter results, the drop in sales it saw is due to a million or more people no longer shopping there? That, moreover, those million or more people aren’t coming back unless women are expected to use women’s bathrooms and men are expected to use men’s?

And of all the groups to pick, why does it feel the need to push itself at Millennials? Is it because college students are brainwashed enough to swallow whatever liberal talking points they’re told to swallow, while the mature-minded adults Target used to appeal to understand that – again –women should be using women’s bathrooms and men should be using men’s?

If it wants to stick by its so-called morals, then fine. That’s it prerogative.

But it might say more about Target’s so-called morals if it would just admit the truth already. Because hiding behind all these lame excuses is just making it – and its transgender-friendly, women-hostile policies – look pathetic.

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